Hello World! (wow..even easier than VB)

Well, yeah, so, Hi there 🙂

I'm Per, and I'm currently responsible for the Microsoft Certified Master and Microsoft Certified Architect programs at Microsoft. Figured I'd start this up and have my team and I contribute to keep everyone up to speed and informed on our Master programs, and to give a chance to all of you to ask questions, comment, etc.

What are the Master programs? Read all about them here. The short story is: we think it's something truly special and different. The Microsoft Certified Master programs offer the top tier technical training and certifications available from Microsoft. 'Go have a read' (as my esteemed British colleagues would say) at the above and below links to get a better sense.

Speaking of the team, let me introduce them to you (drum roll, please):

  • Adrian Maclean (a.k.a. Phone Boy, PB, Peebs) - lead of the OCS Master program

  • Greg "I could listen to him all day" Taylor - lead of the Exchange Master program

  • James "I need a nickname" Petrosky - lead of the SharePoint Master program

  • Ken "The DB" Tanner - lead of the SQL Master program (watch out for this one, he knows how to use bows, guns, etc)

  • Walter "Cert Junkie Extraordinaire" Boyd - lead of the Windows Directory Master program

So, there it is. Hello World. More soon.



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  1. Anonymous says:

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