This One Is For All You Parents Out There

Yesterday my very dear friend was at his son’s football game.  He got so excited when his son scored his first touchdown, he forgot he was supposed to be filming.  I fell out laughing listening to him scream. Please enjoy….. [View:]


A Day Late and A Dollar Short

I know I’m almost a week late with this, but I do have bid a fond farewell and to Dennis Ritchie, the father of C and Unix.  For many years I was a Unix System Administrator and developer.  I even saved copies of scripts I’ve written because I was so proud. ***Total Nerd Moment*** Thank…


Moment of Silence Part III

Dear Fred Shuttlesworth, Because of you and people like you people like me have the right to vote.  We can live where we want.  We can eat and sit where we want.  Our schools are integrated.  The laws of this land protect our rights now.  You fought for people like me and we can never repay you…


Moment of Silence Part II

Dear Steve Jobs, I was first exposed to Apple computers in middle school.  In college I was always in the Mac lab.  My first job out of college I standardized my entire department on Macintosh computers and I administered a Power Mac server.  When I first joined Microsoft friends used to tease me and say…


And Now for a Moment of Silence…..

Tonight my worst fear was confirmed –  OK so not my absolute worst fear but, still disappointing news.  There’s been a lot of speculation in the press that this was going to be the direction that Microsoft was taking, but I still hoped it wasn’t true. This weekend it all came to a head for…