Tip for All You Current and Future Windows Phone 7 Users

I apologize if I'm late in sharing this info, but I've managed to destroy two phones in a row and each time I replaced my phone I had to spend at least an hour or two re-installing apps that I purchased using my phone.  How did I destroy two phones you ask?  I have a habit of dropping them from very high places onto solid concrete.  Don't worry I finally bought a case and I've learned to keep my phone in my purse when I'm out at the club with my friends.

Tonight as I sit here setting up phone #3, I noticed that the apps I purchased and installed from Marketplace using the Zune Software on my computer automatically re-installed themselves on my phone.  I didn't have to do anything to get those apps back.

My suggestion (albeit a late one) is to purchase as many apps as possible using Zune Software and spare yourself the trouble I've gone through to get my apps back.  Yes purchasing and installing apps from your phone is convenient, but when you are as hard on phones as I am you will be glad you went the Zune route.  It also comes in handy when you upgrade/change phones.

Nite Nite All

P. S. I'm officially back to blogging regularly.  All my work and vacation travel is over for a while and all of our FY12 planning is finally done.  You'll be hearing from me more often 🙂

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