Mango – I Think Microsoft Finally Gets It

So you all know that Windows Phone 7 is my first smartphone - EVER. Sadly I've become what I've mocked - someone who can't put their phone down.  Windows Phone 7 has made me a convert and now with the "Mango" announcement I'm a true believer.  I cannot wait to get this update!

Microsoft should have owned the smartphone market.  Why?  We invented it - Windows Mobile is over 10 years old. We should have owned the slate/tablet market too, but I'll save that for another blog.

Kudos to Apple, RIM and Google for completely changing the game and forcing Microsoft to re-evaluate its approach to the consumer market (on a lot of levels).  Over the last 6-7 years consumers have driven disruptive change through their rapid adoption of our competitor's offerings.  It's been a real needed kick in the ass butt for Microsoft.  Despite some missteps in our consumer strategy, the successes of Xbox, Kinect, and Bing have been impressive and encouraging.

Never count us out; I really believe that Mango can be a game changer.  Check out our Video Gallery and our YouTube channel for some cool videos showcasing some of the new features.


Now, back to work.....

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