Ladies and Gentlemen the King Has Left the Building – R.I.P. Michael Jackson

Sunrise - August 29, 1958

Sunset - June 25, 2009

Homegoing Celebration - July 7, 2009

No matter how you felt about Michael Jackson as a person, you cannont deny his impact on music and the world.

  1. 13 Grammys

  2. 13 #1 singles

  3. Best selling album of all time - Thriller - over 50 millioin copies sold worldwide (consistently sold more than a million copies a year since it's release)

  4. More than 750M records sold worldwide

  5. The first Black artist to have video shown on MTV - Billie Jean - music videos have never been the same

  6. 10 solo albums - 5 #1

  7. Motown 25 live performance still amazes people as if it were yesterday

  8. Man in the Mirror performance on the Grammys still gives me chills

Michael Jackson was a once in a lifetime event and thankfully we got to experience and enjoy his talent.

Off the Wall, Thriller, and Invincible are all in heavy rotation on my Zune.  Rock with You is still my favorite song and video.

Rest in Peace Micheal Jackson, you were the greatest of all time!

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