Excel 2013 Pivottable Select Multiple Items checkboxes disappear

 (Updated Dec 2013)

It has been reported that after applying the latest updates for Excel 2013, the pivottable option to "select multiple items" and basic filtering is behaving strangely for some users. When making that selection and trying to select various items, the checkboxes are "disappearing".

The build this has been reported for is:  15.0.4535.1507 MSO 15.0.4535.1507

This is what you see before making a selection:









After making a selection, the boxes are no longer visible:




Change the Windows Text Size to 100% or 125%. If set to 150% the issue occurs.


   Right click on the desktop > Screen Resolution > Make text and other items larger or smaller > Change the size of all items: Smaller - 100% (default)


   Control Panel > Display > Change the size of all items:  Smaller - 100% (default)

Windows 8.1:

   On 8.1, the steps are similar, but to see the percentages there is an additional option to select:

Right click on the desktop > Screen Resolution > Make text and other items larger or smaller >  select "Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays" > Change the size of all items: Smaller - 100% (default)

        Change the size of all items


UPDATE: This issue has been corrected with the December Cumulative Updates for Office 2013. Updating Excel to this version, should resolve the issue: 15.0.4551.1006 SP2 MSO 15.0.4551.1007

Office 2013 cumulative update for December 2013

What are the most recent updates available for Office? For easier tracking of current updates available for the Office products, the article below is a helpful reference:

Cumulative updates are available from the Microsoft Office team to fix reported problems


Comments (12)
  1. Excel 2013 Pivottable Select Multiple Items checkboxes disappear
    thank you

  2. paulmatt says:

    But, thisdoes not fix my issue 🙁

    All my desktops are set at 100%.

    All my List Items show as Check-boxes, ok.

    The problem is: that check-box option "Select Multiple Items" , just above the OK button, is missing when I run the report in Excel Services.
    So I have no way to toggle Select Single Items only.

    But when I Open this same report in Excel, everything works well.

    I have a Pivot Table with a Report Filter in Excel 2013.

    When I click the Report Filter in Excel , I get the check-box option to "Select Multiple Items".

    But , when the same Report.xls is published to SharePoint 2013 Excel Services,

    the check-box-option is missing ! and the default is "Multi-select", and there is no way to disable or toggle Multi-select

    Is there any Fix for Excel Service /Sharepoint 2013.

  3. johnsmith says:

    What gives?

    How the heck can I work normally on a high-PPI display with 100% text size?..

  4. Hi John, you may also test 125% to avoid going all the way to 100%.

    Another option is to use the Zoom option available in the Excel application itself. Stay tuned for an update on when a fix is available for this issue.

  5. Aubrey says:

    PLEASE fix this soon.  I am on a Microsoft Surface.  When the display is set to 100%,  it is so tiny it is almost unreadable.  I depend on Pivot Tables for a significant portion of my work.  This is a critical update.

  6. William says:

    This is a ridiculous bug that makes it very hard to work effectively.  Please fix.  I use a macbook pro retina which I dual-boot with windows so that I can use excel (Mac sucks for excel).  If you set screen resolution to 100%, however, it is impossibly tiny (because Windows doesn't support the same pixel density as Mac OS).  This is a critical update

  7. mirvin says:

    I thought I was going crazy trying to figure out how PivotTables work – I'm just learning about them – when I couldn't see the checkboxes or select a filter option.  I'm glad I found this answer – everything else I searched/found made no sense to me.  It's hard to learn something new when you have no idea what the problem is – and it turns out to be a display setting and nothing to do with the software/program you're using!  I've spent almost an hour trying to figure this out.  I use a 13.3" tablet/PC and had the size set to 150% to be able to see text easier while working.  Setting it to 125% has solved this problem, but it can be an eye strain looking at small text for long periods of time and I prefer 150%.

  8. Adam Yang says:

    Same on my surface, really give me a hard time as I need to spend some time on Excel every day. Pls fix it asap.

  9. Cherish says:

    This issue was raised in October and yet there is no update…ridiculous Microsoft. Just because businesses are on older versions and older OS's isnt an excuse. Am using Surface Pro 2 for my office purposes and wasted 3 hours trying to figure out why am unable to check boxes in pivot.

  10. David @GLBC says:

    That you… order has returned to the universe…..

  11. Rose says:

    I have this problem, even though all updates are applied as far as I can see. As Aubrey said before, on a Surface it’s ridiculous! Any idea what might have happened or what I can do?

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