How to Troubleshoot Memory Errors in Excel; "Available Resources", "Out of Memory", "System Resources"

Thanks for the feedback the “available resources” post!  We realized that many people are getting these type of memory issues in Excel and are looking for some answers.  So we wrote a detailed KB that addresses most of the common memory issues.

If you are seeing any of the following messages;

  • "Excel cannot complete this task with available resources. Choose less data or close other applications."
  • “Out of Memory”
  • "Not enough System Resources to Display Completely"

2779852 How to Troubleshooting Available Resources errors in Excel

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  1. says:

    I have noticed that my customers (using Pivot Table Templates) are having problems with “not enough memory to complete task” Errors in Excel 2013 that they did NOT have in Excel 2010. Is Microsoft dealing with this problem???

  2. miro says:

    The kb is b***** mumbling and the issue is opened for unbelievably long time, give us a fix. it is not normal to get these errors on 8gig ram machines. I spent already several hours checking and fixing it instead of working!

  3. We had the same issue while working on Pivot tables with 350000 rows of data. The solution we found is to run the excel with "Run as Administrator" and open the file. Excel started supporting more memory and this error has never occurred again.

  4. Satender Singh says:

    hi have the below issue with my excel vba coded file
    "not enough system resources to display completely"
    Please help if any .

  5. Padilha, Rafael says:

    I faced the same problem in a large file on a PC with limited ammount of RAM. I accidentally found out that when using pivot tables, one should choose the entire source table as the input data, to avoid cropping the selected source table. I did this for all the pivot tables in my Excel file. This might seem counter-intuitive, nonetheless, it worked very well. The total file size reduces by a great amount and memory allocation reduces tremendously, even when I use the “update all” feature for the pivot tables. Memory allocation does not increase as much on each “update all” and everything works better. Eventually, I still need to save/close/reopen Excel from time to time, to reset the memory used.

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