Office 2013 SKU's needed for Power BI add-ins or to manipulate existing PowerPivot workbooks

When you try opening an Excel 2010 PowerPivot workbook in Excel 2013 you will find that you are unable to manipulate the PivotTable. In addition, you will be prompted with an error message that asks you to upgrade the data model:

However, when you try to enable the PowerPivot add-in, you may not see it in the COM add-ins dialog box. This problem can happen because in Excel 2013, PowerPivot and the two new add-ins - PowerView and Inquire, are only available on certain SKUs (versions). These include:

Note: Power Pivot and Power View on the standalone retail 32-bit and 64-bit SKUs were added with the October 2013 updates. If you have one of these SKU's but do not see the add-in, please apply the most recent updates and test for improvement. 

If you have purchased an Office 2013 or Office 365 SKU other than those listed above, you will need to return your product to the place of purchase or stop your current subscription to change to one of the products that does support these add-ins.


There are a couple of ways to work around this issue:

Access a machine that has one of the above-listed SKUs

If you have access to a machine that has one of the above listed SKUs, you can use the PowerPivot add-in on that machine to update the PivotTable and save the file. Once the PowerPivot data model is updated, then you can open and use the PivotTables on your other machines. Keep in mind that once updated, you cannot use the PivotTable in Excel 2010

Recreate the Workbook in 2013

If you do not have access to a machine with the PowerPivot 2013 add-in, you can rebuild your PivotTable in Excel 2013. There is no way to update the model, so you will need to import your data again and recreate the workbook from scratch. The data model engine is a part of Excel 2013. To do that:

  1. If you have tables in Excel that you want to use, do the following.

  1. Select a cell in one of the tables.
  2. On the Insert tab, click on PivotTable.
  3. Check Add this data to the Data Model.
  4. Click Ok. Your PivotTable will be created.
  5. In the Fields List, click the All tab. At this point you can add data from your other tables.
  6. You may need to create relationships between the tables. You can do that on the Data ribbon or the PivotTable Tools/Analyze ribbon.
  • If you are importing data from multiple tables in a single external data source, do the following.
  1. Choose to use an external data source.
  2. Choose a connection that includes multiple data tables. When the PivotTable is created, the data will be added to the data model automatically.
  3. In the Fields List, click the All tab, and add data from your tables.
  • If you have mixed data, do the following
  1. Import the data into Excel tables first.
  2. Create any necessary relationships.
  3. Follow the instructions in item 1.

For more information on Excel's built-in data model, see the following blog:

Power View and Inquire add-ins for Excel also require the same SKUs of Excel that Power Pivot does. 
References:  &

Power Map COM add-in for Excel, also requires the same SKUs of Excel that Power Pivot does, but is not included in the stand-alone version nor in the MSI versions of Excel. This add-in is only available with an Office 365 (O365) subscription of the correct SKU.

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  1. lauren says:

    wow really?  seems like this should be a software developer problem not a user problem.

  2. serik33 says:

    I have tried to return Office 2013 (Home and Student Edition), after revealing that it does't support Power Pivot add-inn but they rejected to return money or chnge it by Office 2010. They were appealing to licenze agreement that after activating the customer will lose right to return software product. BUT THERE IS NO NOTIFICATION IN LICENCE AGREEMENT THAT OFFICE 2010 (HS) DOES NOT SUPPORT POWER PIVOT.

  3. serik33 says:


  4. Eric says:

    That is really poor microsoft. Please sort it out asap.

  5. Gordon Galow says:

    Have Home & Business 2013  Product Key kp4g6-nfh49-hrmxb-83r4v-6xvd4  It refuses to answer to commands to use $ signs and right and left commands  Does not answer to commands to multyiply, etc.

  6. javier says:

    It’s pathetic. All 2010 versions supported, and only a few 2013. I regret buying 2013, one more reason for don’t do it if is anyone thinking upgrading

  7. Jason says:

    Don’t upgrade from office 2010 if you use PowerPivots!

  8. Anonymous says:

    (この記事は 2013 年 2 月 28 日に The Microsoft Excel Support Team Blog ブログに投稿された記事 Office 2013 SKU's needed

  9. Steve says:

    This is really ridiculous.!!!!

  10. Mojtba says:

    In Australia MS Office 365 Home Premium cost $119 (per year) and can’t use Power Pivot, no intention to renew.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Editor’s note: The following post was written by SQL Server MVP Mark Tabladillo

    Power BI is

  12. Ed6 says:

    I still get this error with with PowerPivot add in and Windows 2013 professional plus. This sucks because we have a group that creates these kinds of things for reports but does so in 2010.

  13. kamlesh says:

    Please Provide these two facilities to Home and Student 2013 users too !! you may include it by asking additional cost !! we will happily pay you !!

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