Office 2013 returns an error inserting Scriptable ActiveX controls onto a worksheet

By Amber Mertes

In Excel 2013, use of certain scriptable controls on a worksheet was deprecated. You will experience errors similar to those below when trying to insert one of the controls. The change was implemented to improve security and these errors are expected. This issue affects:

Web Browser Control
Microsoft Scriptlet Component
DHTML Editing Control
DHTML Editing Control (Safe for Scripting)

Errors you may experience:

Excel 2013:     "Cannot insert object"

Word 2013:    “This object cannot be inserted due to your policy settings. This error might occur if ActiveX controls or embedded objects in this file are blocked by policy settings. More information about this error message online.”

PowerPoint 2013:  “This ActiveX control cannot be inserted”

1.  Use the control in a VBA UserForm
2.  Create or use a custom wrapper for the control

Additional Information
Cannot insert certain scriptable ActiveX controls into Office 2013 documents

Comments (2)
  1. John Schroedl says:

    argh! I wasted a day trying to figure this out. Why do you make it so difficult to embed a web page onto a ppt slide???

    We have (interactive) html output from a process and just want to include that as part of the presentation.

    1. Edu191919 says:

      Just get used to Microsoft weird policies. Today something is cool, adds extra functionality to your application (in this particular case a document) and Microsoft agrees it has more advantages than disadvantages. But, tomorrow it may simply “change mind” and say it is not cool anymore and block it without requesting custommers feedback about the sudden change. What is even more weird, is that Microsoft bloated Internet Explorer enhanced security features with Office applications names, in the Windows Registry in the following path:

      Most features have a hell lot of Office applications that does not even process HTML code, like Graph.exe and the HTML Editor, which is simply instructed to re-pass an HTML document to a certain Office application like Word, Excel and Powerpoint. MS Publisher is also listed in most IE enhanced sec. features in the Registry path above, however it does not allow any kind of script execution and ActiveX by design. It is plain non sense but again, get used to these. hehe.

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