"Date Modified" time stamps on shared Excel files stored on a network drive may not update correctly after saving and closing the file

By Dan Fox

Recently, we have seen an issue with Excel 2007 where the time stamp on a shared Excel file stored on a network drive/UNC path will not update accordingly after saving and closing the file.  This issue appears after installing MS12-030 Security Update (KB 2597161, or Excel hotfix, KB 2596991.

Consider the following scenario:

1. The following Security Update is installed for Office 2007.  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2597161  (The issue also reproduces when the following Excel 2007 hotfix is installed. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2596991)

2. Create an xls file on a shared drive.  This issue reproduces using mapped drives or UNC paths.          

3. After the file is created, ensure that the file is set up for multiple user access.  Click the Review tab -> Share Workbook.  Check the "Allow changes by more than one user at the same time. This also allows workbook merging." box

4. Click OK and save the file.  Note the "Date Modified" time for the file

5. Open the file a minute later, and change the file.

6. Save the file and note the "date modified" time changes to the current time. 

7. Close Excel. 

8. Note the "Date Modified" time will revert back to the original time when the shared file was created.

Expected Results:

After saving changes to the file and closing the Excel file, the date modified time should be updated accordingly.

Actual Results:

After saving changes to a shared Excel file and closing the file, the date modified time will revert back to an earlier time.

NOTE: This appears issue appears to happen with XLSX files or XLSM files in some instances and this issue is only present in Excel 2007.  Excel 2003 and Excel 2010 are not affected.


You may attempt to save the shared file as a XLSX/XLSM file.  However, there have been some instances where the issue is reproducing with XLSX/XLSM files as well. 

Microsoft is aware of the issue and currently investigating.   More updates will be provided as they become available.

Comments (4)

  1. Worried says:

    I noticed this problem and was worried my work didn't save but it appears it is saving, just not updating date modified. Any issues with it not actually saving?

  2. Niya says:

    Hello, is there any change with the situation?

  3. Still seeing this issue says:

    We are still seeing this issue. Is there a fix?

  4. cory says:

    any news on a fix for this issue? We’ve been experiencing this this issue w/ a shared XLSX file.

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