You may encounter problems with links after applying MS12-030

After installing MS12-030 ( for Excel 2010 or for Excel 2007) you may notice a problem with files that contain links to other spreadsheets.

This problem won't happen to all users and may not affect all of the links in the spreadsheet, but some of the links may be affected the following way:

Spreadsheet 1 is located in Folder 1 and contains a UNC link to Spreadsheet 2 which is located in folder 2. After applying this security update you may find that Spreadsheet 1 now links to the same file, but in Folder 1 where it doesn't exist.

More Information

This problem only affects UNC links and only affects the new Office file format - in other words XLSX, XLSM, etc. The legacy XLS file format is not affected.


The following fix will resolve this problem. You must apply the August 2012 cumulative update and recreate the links.

Comments (7)

  1. Scott says:

    Any further updates??? I have several files impacted by this and it's a mess to say the least.

  2. mike says:

    One option to fix this is to uninstall update KB2597162 for Excel 2007 or update KB2597166 for Excel 2010.   These are the updates that caused the linking issue.

  3. Jes Søndergaard says:

    Still no fix for this update?

    It has been over a month now without any updates on the issue.

  4. Stu says:

    Has this been fixed with a patch from this months patch tuesday?, been a while and it's causing problems!

  5. Wiktor says:

    This issue still doesn't appear to be resolved!!!

  6. Ben says:

    On machines that have both Office 2003 and Office 2007 installed, these security updates break VB6 add-ins, and you get:

    Microsoft Visual Basic: Automation error. Unspecified error.

    What happened to Microsoft's commitment that VB6 applications would continue to work? They also got broken when certain MSDAO interfaces got deprecated. Then there was also the .EXD files that had to be deleted.


  7. JES says:

    Here is a Hotfix that should solve the problem:…/2597166

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