Paste Special functionality is limited in Office Applications (Fixed)

By Laura Holzwarth

Update: Skype has released a new version of Click to Run ( Skype will do a silent upgrade to existing customers to fix the problem. The build that will fix this issue is

Microsoft has also released a KB article that addresses the situation (

The Issue

We are seeing reports that after an update of the Skype ‘Click to Call Add-on’ (Version clipboard functionality in Office Versions is affected.


When you try to copy and paste in any of the Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) the only option to paste is “Keep Text Only”.  All other formatting options are missing from the toolbar. 

If you attempt use ‘Paste Special’ the following box dialog below displays.

Note: This add-in is not loaded in the Office application, it is loaded in the browser only.  Our testing indicates that if the browser is closed the clipboard formatting features work as expected.


This issue has been reported and they are working on a resolution.  Until then disable or remove the addon.

Disable the Add-on from Internet Explorer or other browser.  In Internet Explorer follow the steps below:

  1. Tools – Internet Options
  2. Programs tab
  3. Manage add-ons
  4. Highlight Skype “Click to Call” – disable

To remove the add-on locate the ‘Skype Click to Call’ from the Control Panel and uninstall from the machine.

Comments (1)

  1. Sean McClintock says:

    They have no solution and it's been months. Is there a registry fix?

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