SharePoint Access App scanner now available!

As customers discover the upcoming Access Apps retirement, some of the first questions are:

   - Are we using Access Apps?

  - How many Access Apps do we have?

  - Where are these Access Apps?


With the recent release of the Access App scanner, you are now able to easily get inventory and usage information for the Access Apps in your SharePoint Online tenant.

Go to and follow the steps within the Quick start guide to get started!


Walking through the steps within the quick start guide, I noticed the PowerShell directions within the section Scanning SharePoint Online MT environment are a bit obscure.

Here are some more detailed steps:

  • Launch Windows PowerShell from your Start menu
  • Change the current directory to the folder location where you downloaded/extracted the AccessAppScanner.exe
    •  If you extracted the scanner to C:\Tools\AccessAppScanner.exe, then change directory to the Tools folder

CD C:\Tools

  • When running the script itself, you need to include ".\" at the beginning of the script so the example provided in the quick start guide should look like this:

                 .\accessappscanner -t <tenant> -c <clientid> -s <clientsecret>



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