You may encounter errors with your ACCDE/MDE files and/or wizards after installing the March update for Office 2010 (KB3085515)


After installing the March public update for Office 2010, you may encounter problems with your Access 2010 database files.

March 8, 2016, update for Office 2010

When attempting to launch the Access wizards, you may receive an error.  Examples:

This feature isn't installed, or has been disabled.

To install this feature, rerun the Microsoft Access or the Microsoft Office Setup program or, if you're using a third-party add-in, reinstall the add-in. To reenable this wizard, click the File tab, and then click Options. Click Add-Ins, and then the Manage list, click Disabled Items, and then click Go.


Microsoft Access can't start the wizard, builder, or add-in.

* The library database containing the wizard builder, or add-in may not be installed. Point to Add-ins on the Tools menu, and then click Add-in Manager to see if the library database is installed.

* The wizard, builder, or add-in code may not be compiled and Microsoft Access can't compile it. There may be a syntax error in the code.

* The key for the add-in in the Windows Registry file may be incorrect.


 The code contains a syntax error, or a Microsoft Access function you need is not available.

 If the syntax is correct, check the Control Wizards subkey or the Libraries key in the Microsoft Access section of the Windows Registry to verify that the entries you need are listed and available.

If the entries are correct, either you must correct the Microsoft Access Utility Add-in, or the file acWzlib or this wizard has been disabled. To reenable this wizard, run Microsoft Access or Microsoft Office Setup again to reinstall Microsoft Access. Before you reinstall Microsoft Access, delete the Windows Registry keys for the Microsoft Access Utility Add-in and acWzlib.


When attempting to open or run code in an ACCDE, ACCDR, MDE file that was compiled in an earlier version of Access, you may receive an error.  Examples:

 Undefined function 'IsNull' in expression


 The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error. File format no longer supported.

* The expression may not result in the name of a macro, the name of a user-defined function, or [Event Procedure].

* There may have been an error evaluating the function, event or macro.


When attempting to create new VBA code, you may encounter error:

 File format no longer supported


When attempting to create an ACCDE file, you may encounter error:

 File format no longer supported


A new VBE7.dll update is now available. (See KB 3114989 for detailed steps on how to install this update)

Comments (32)

  1. Mor10 says:

    Thanks for handling this issue as fast as you have.

  2. Gina Whipp says:

    Thanks for the update here and to the thread (in Answers).

  3. Luke Chung says:

    Just published a blog post discussing this issue in more detail, the impact it has on our specific products and their users, and ways to uninstall the update via a command line or through the Control Panel. Hope this helps:

  4. Ruud says:

    Unfortunately uninstalling this through WSUS doesn’t seem to work like it should.

  5. zab says:

    This is causing me a lot of problems ! All my clients have " The expression On Click you entered as the event property setting produced the following error. File format no longer supported." when they launch my accde !! Please find a solution.

  6. nick says:

    Me too….! How can I find out when it gets fixed??

  7. Scott Diamond says:

    Some users are having problems uninstalling the patch. Can we get some details on how to uninstall?

  8. Chuck says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. We were having the same issue.

  9. Tops says:

    You save my life!! Thank you!

  10. Tunasammich says:

    THANK YOU. I was trying to fix this all day yesterday.

  11. anonymouscommenter says:

    You may encounter errors with your ACCDE/MDE files and/or wizards after installing the March update for Office 2010 (KB3085515)

  12. Dean says:

    Thanks for the help on this, was pulling my hair out on it.


    "First test than release" is the motto for our small company providing just a couple of users and it should be also the motto for a tech giant.

  14. Maritn says:

    Many, many thanks!

  15. Jeff25 says:

    Thought I was losing it. Still a problem as of Sunday, 13 March 2016. Cannot do a routine, run-of-the-mill import of Excel into Access table.

  16. John says:

    I hope the person responsible for this debacle ended up losing his/her H-1B visa. This cost me two full days of productivity.

  17. paul says:

    This cost the company I consult for many hours of lost productivity. I had to install the accdb file on everyone’s workstation for a work around until Microsoft let us know to uninstall the KB3085515 update. Please test your work before releasing it, I

  18. Craig Thomas says:

    Thanks for the article. I could not fathom why our database was working on some PCs and not others. I hope Google helps others find this article.

  19. Patrick Kariuki says:

    Same problem here

  20. Peter Malik says:

    Thanks, resolved issue for us too

  21. Borge says:

    It is amazing how many is just full of thanks – even after they have been pulling out hair for who knows how long!! This update simply should not ever have been released… I am not a subscriber to automatic updates from Microsoft, and this just adds weight
    to an argument for not simply setting up your system(s) to receive and install updates automatically… Companies lose in productivity, consultants add extra hours to their time sheets, and end users becoming frustrated … eof

  22. Patrick Kariuki says:

    What now???? My database worked for 1 day after removing the update 2 days ago. Now problem same is back. Checked on the installed updates and a new one is automatically installed on my machine today. Anyone experiencing this problem.?

  23. Prog4Fun says:

    Since March 2016 update – Not able to open any ACCESS 2007 forms that contain ON_OPEN, ON_CURRENT, and ON_LOAD events and associated VBA code. There may be other latent issues with the March update. Unfortunately, I have no restore point to fall back on
    and I do not have KB3085515 listed on my machine. This has left me stranded without any recourse or solution(s). Can anyone assist or comment?

  24. iNotes4You says:

    KB3085515 is for Microsoft Office 2010 only, not for Access 2007.

  25. Emmert says:

    Sure glad i found this article. I have had a problem with the wizards in Access 2010 for several users and could not find any other solution. Since it worked earlier this month, I was sure it was an update issues, but which one?? Removing the KB3085505
    update fixed our problem. Thanks!!

  26. Vicki says:

    I went into C:Program Files (x86)Common Filesmicrosoft sharedVBA and renamed the VBA7 and ran a repair on the Microsoft Office suite. This seemed to fix my issue for the wizard error.

  27. mike says:

    Scowered the internet for two days trying to figure this out!! I removed KB3085515 and everything works again.

  28. Alvin says:

    Thanks for the post Vicki as that also helped me with the issue a client was having on MS Access 2010. All other workarounds didn’t work.

  29. None says:

    mine says KB 3085515 is not found – not installed.
    i also find on hiding updates but still the same.
    what should i do..

  30. Lara says:

    Removing KB3085515 worked. Should I be glad I lost only a few hours instead of a few days to this faulty update?

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