Access may encounter a crash after installing the November update KB2837592 or December update KB3114404


After installing the November or December public updates for Access 2010 or the Click-to-Run updates for Access 2013, Access may encounter a crash while performing a text file import/export. The crash occurs if you click on the Advanced button within the Import/Export wizard.

November 10, 2015, update for Office 2010 (KB2837592)

December 8, 2015, update for Office 2010 (KB3114404)


This is a product issue.

Work Arounds:

Possible work arounds may include:

  • Uninstall the update KB 2837592 and/or KB3114404

  • Use another version of Access

  • If the Import/Export specification already exists or you are able to create the specification from another machine, use a macro to perform the import/export and provide the specification name. The macro action is named ImportExportText. In order to view this macro action, you need to ensure Show All Actions is selected in the macro design ribbon


This issue has been resolved with the release of the January updates for Office. Links below.

Access 2013 MSI:

3114505 January 12, 2016, update for Access 2013 (KB3114505)

Access 2013 Click-to-Run:

Update Office 2013 or Office 365

Access 2010 MSI:

3114555 January 12, 2016, update for Office 2010 (KB3114555)

Comments (22)
  1. Dan Read says:

    This affected me today for sure. Please fix this ASAP. Uninstalling the KB worked for now.

  2. Eileen Murphy says:

    Me too. Corrupted the app I was working on. Grrrrr.

  3. Jordi Garcia says:

    I can confirm the issue and that uninstalling KB2837592 does solve it for now…

  4. Jeremy C says:

    We also had this problem starting on November 18th. Once I found this post and uninstalled the KB2837592 update all is well. I wish this site had better visibility on Google, it never came up directly on my searches for this error… I’m bookmarking this
    blog for future events 🙂

  5. Margaret M says:

    I can’t find that update in my list but I’m having the same issue. Are there any other updates I could uninstall?

  6. Adam W says:

    I am in the same boat as Margaret M (above). Right around 11/18/15, the advanced export crashes Access every time. Unfortunately, I do not have KB2837592 pulling up in my updates so I can’t uninstall it. I used the "search installed updates" search bar
    and manually looked through all installed updates between 11/16/15 and 11/18/15. I’m on Windows 7 using Access 2010. Any ideas? PLEASE?!?

  7. Lina B says:

    Yes, today I uninstalled KB3114404

  8. ML49448 says:

    Can the ‘work-arounds’ section be corrected to list the correct 32-bit KB to uninstall?

    The number listed is KB311404, but the correct number is KB3114404

  9. Adam W says:

    Here is an update. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit. I do not have KB2837592 installed. I did have KB3114404 so I uninstalled it and rebooted. Same problem – Access crashes on Advanced Export. Any help, please?!? This is killing me.. slowly.

  10. Edward E says:

    Uninstalling KB2837592 and declining the update in WSUS fixed the issue for us but the December round of updates has broken things again.

    We are in the process of uninstalling updates one by one trying to determine which one is the offender but it is a painstaking process. We have removed 18 Office/Access updates and have 10 more to go.

  11. Adam W says:

    @ Edward E – please let me know which update is the culprit! There has to be over a hundred Office related updates installed since November.

  12. Drew M says:

    I also did not see KB2837592 in the "Uninstall an update" list until I found and uninstalled KB3114404. Once KB3114404 was uninstalled, KB2837592 was listed on that screen and I uninstalled it. This fixed the problem for me.

  13. Adam W says:

    Drew M – AMAZING! Your solution worked! I had to turn off having Windows Update install updates automatically so that those two updates don’t keep installing. I am so happy to have my Access Export working without crashing. Early holiday gift *high five*!

  14. Jos Klein Kromhof - Saxion Netherlands says:

    Confirmed, KB2837592 is only visible when KB3114404 is uninstalled.
    After this export functionality of Access is working again!

  15. Andy K says:

    This thread just saved me from a day of wasted effort… THANK YOU!

  16. jerry says:

    I removed KB3114404 and KB2837592 did not show up and the problem is still there.

  17. zefix says:

    So now what? Any sails on the horizon? Any progress or help under way from Microsoft?
    I cannot afford to start juggling with updates and depend on the possibility to edit or create export specifications.

    What seems to work (for me) is to edit system tables directly instead of using the wizard.
    But that is not going to do the trick for everbody, right?

    While trying to convince people that Access is a pragmatic data-do-dat that offers a lot of flexibility while at the cost of minimal "IT expertise", stuff like that does not exactly "help".

  18. e says:

    I have a dumb question. How do you uninstall an update? Tried Add/Remove – They don’t show up. Tried finding folders with updates – NoJoy. Tried searching for method online, and only found 3rd party tools?

  19. e says:

    OK – never mind –
    In case it helps anyone: Control Panel – Programs – View installed udpates. (Do NOT go straight to "Uninstall a program")

  20. TerryM says:

    This is a ridiculous "workaround". Our company does automatic updates on a daily basis, and we don’t have admin access to uninstall them. Just fix it!

  21. Feli says:

    Same here. We don’t have admin access, fix this asap please!

  22. Steve says:

    Removing KB3114404 didn’t resolve the problem, but removing KB2837592 did.
    It would be nice if a later update fixed this glaring problem rather than wasting customers’ valuable time.
    In certain circumstances it is not a workable option to upgrade to a later version.

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