Errors executing or saving data macro with SendEmail action in Access web app on SharePoint Online


You may encounter errors executing or saving data macros that use the SendEmail macro action in an Access web application on SharePoint Online.


Invalid field name 'ID'

Invalid object name 'Inserted'


This is a product issue.

Work Arounds:

You may try any of the following options to work around the issue:

1. If the default ID field in the table has been renamed, add a new number field named ID to the table

2. Create a table named "inserted"

3. Move the SendEmail macro action from a named data macro to a table event data macro.  


If these options do not resolve the issue or you are unable to make these changes, please wait for issue to be resolved and deployed. 


The developers have reported that this issue should now be resolved for all tenants. 

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  1. Hi JLB, I was noting that I had edited the original blog post (above) with additional details.

  2. Hi All, I updated the blog post with the latest developments.

  3. Jose Luis Beltramone says:

    Hi: I’m suffering the same issue here in a Access 2013 Web App implementation that used to work very well until a few days ago.
    I cannot figure out how to implement the workaround suggested above, as SendEmail macro is not saving data from any table but just using local variables for the From/Subject/Body, etc. parameters. Would you please be so kind to explain it a bit further?.
    Thanks in advance and BRGRDS / JLB.

  4. Kent Gorrell says:

    re "If the default ID field in the table has been renamed"
    Jose is correct. The issue can have nothing to do with an ID field in a table. SendMail does not affect tables.

    re – "temporarily remove the SendEmail macro action" I’m guess you believe that it is possible to "Comment Out" a macro Action. Currently it is not. But it should be.

    and why is the error reporting the macro at fault as "appHomePage"?

  5. Kent Gorrell says:

    And surely there should be some notification of changes to Access Web Apps.

    Like a page with release notes where the Access Dev Team can post before releasing changes into our production environments.

  6. Nadav says:

    I’m also currently experiencing this. Looking forward to a fix ASAP. It would be good if there was a better way of being notified of significant errors like these that suddenly appear in the product.

  7. Andy G says:

    This has been down for days now. Does anyone know if there is a resource for getting updates from the devs about their progress in fixing it?

  8. eli says:

    I’m also currently experiencing this , getting error message from Access services

    "Invalid object name ‘inserted’"

  9. José Luis Beltramone says:

    Dear Dennis: Would you please tell me how can I access the blog posts you just updated? (sorry if I’m asking something obvious, I’m new to the forum). Thanks in advance / JLB.

  10. KevinM says:

    I just spent 3 hours trying to figure out what I did to "break" my app. Glad I found this blog on the second page of a google search…

  11. KENT says:

    I just added a table ‘inserted’ with the default column ‘ID’,

    Then deleted the contents of my startup macro and pasted back in the XML I’d saved before removing the call to my data macro.

    all works OK now.

    So the part about moving the SendMail to a table event macro is rubbish.

  12. Jose Luis Beltramone says:

    Thanks Dennis.
    Following your suggestions, I created a table named ‘inserted’ in my data base, with nothing else than the ID (by default) field in it and tested the data macros using SendEmail. They are back to work now.
    I’ll continue testing until I’m confident they are ready to come back to production. I’ll let you know the results.

    Thanks all for the continued support / JLB.

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