Access Web App error "We couldn't retrieve the items to list here"

We are receiving reports that many users are encountering an error "An error occurred. We couldn't retrieve the items to list here." when navigating views in their Access Web app on Office 365 (O365).

The Access developers are aware of the problem, a fix has been made and is rolling out. Most tenants will be fixed this evening. A small portion of tenants may not receive the fix until early next week. We will update this post if there are any changes.

Update 5/23/14: This issue should now be resolved for all tenants.

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  1. Hi Alan and Dean,

    It appears you are facing a new issue which I just created a blog post regarding Please check this post for updates on the issue.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I am receiving this error. I don’t know if its related to the same issues the others on this thread referenced which were supposed to have been fixed. My error occurs only when I click the Cancel edit button on the form. I have a list view form and a related
    items control. I click the item on the related items control and it opens my popup form. I can edit just fine and save. If I click the Cancel edit button on the popup I get the error "An error occurred. We couldn’t retrieve the items to list here". The value
    in the field which is the lookup field (that I was not editing is missing after I click the ok button.

  3. Alan Cossey says:

    Excellent. I thought I had designed my app incorrectly some time back and had not noticed that I had done so. All is now well with my app.

  4. Alan Cossey says:

    There seem to be more problems again. Office 365 status page says there is no problem though. Here is a brief bit from the UK Access User Group Listserver.

    Hi Alan

    I have had that error a few times in the pst few days – even with existing databases, but I have no help to offer I’m afraid!


    On 1 Jun 2014, at 14:47, Alan Cossey wrote:
    Does anyone know why it might be that, having just created a new web app in a particular site in Office 365 I can’t now open it from Access. I’ve removed it and recreated it several times, each time with a different name and am in the correct Microsoft account.
    The error message is the usual unhelpful “An error occurred in the client while attempting to communicate with the server…”. Existing web apps are OK in other sites and I can create a new web app at another site and get into it via Access, but not on this
    particular site (which is where it needs to be).

    Alan Cossey

  5. Dean says:

    I am still getting this error when i use the DataSheet view on a table in Access 2013

  6. Kelsey Hill says:

    Just received this error with a new web app…Could not find items on a lookup field. Any thoughts?

  7. Mara says:

    Perhaps this would be better on a new thread, but I am getting the original error message "We couldn’t retrieve the items to list here" (it appears to be random) in a new Access Web App. I have the same app deployed to two different SharePoint online sites
    and the issue occurs on both sites. Once I clear the message the site works without issue, but it would sure save a lot of clicks if it didn’t pop up! Thanks!

  8. Matthew says:

    I am receiving this error. I have a lookup to a SharePoint Online list. If I remove the lookup the error goes away. HELP!

  9. Vishal says:

    I am also facing the same issue. I am trying to load the data in a combo box and getting this error consistently.

  10. Ken Macomber says:

    I’m getting this same error in the web app. I imported Access 2013 tables with data to a new Access Web App. When the list view displays, the subview data does not display and gives the error “Sorry something went wrong—We couldn’t retrieve the items to list here”. The lookup field has the correct numeric data type and the table contain data but the subview can’t link the two tables. Other list views with subviews work properly listing data from related tables. Any ideas on what can be done to make this lookup field work to display the data row?

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