All action bar icons appearing on Popup form in Access apps

Issue: When using a custom theme in the SharePoint site that your Access app is located, you may encounter an issue where all action bar icons display within your popup form. Work Around: Navigate to the SharePoint site that contains your Access app (from within the Access app, click Back to Site). Select the Settings icon…


Unexpected autonumber jump in Access apps

We’ve received reports from customers that occasionally their Access app autonumber field jumps by an unexpected number. For example, you may have an ID field that is sequential from 1 to 83 but then the ID suddenly jumps to seemingly random number like 1075. The autonumber is meant to guarantee a unique record identifier larger…


Access app 'Invalid field name' error when using Where clause

Issue: You may experience the following error when using macros containing Where clauses within an Access app: Access Services Invalid field name ‘<tableName>.<fieldName>’ Cause: The table name specified as criteria within the macro Where clause has become case sensitive and does not match the case sensitivity of the table name displayed in the Access app’s…


Access app icon appear as an X in SharePoint Site Contents

Issue: Icons for Access apps in SharePoint Online Site Contents are showing small x's instead of the Access icon (screenshot below). The apps should launch normally and there are no noticeable problems in the actual apps. Status: The developers have reported that this issue should now be resolved for all tenants.


Access Database Types Explained

Today’s post is in response to the frequent discussions we have with customers around the various types of Microsoft Access databases that you can create in Access and the key features that makes each of these unique. Access Desktop Database The desktop database has been around since Microsoft released the first version of Access and…


Access Web App error "403 Forbidden"

A number of existing Access Web Apps are reporting an error "403 Forbidden" when you attempt to view them from an Internet browser and "Server was unable to process request —> Only users who can View Pages can list Apps." when used from the Access client. This issue was resolved Saturday, June 7th at approximately…


Access Web App error "We couldn't retrieve the items to list here"

We are receiving reports that many users are encountering an error "An error occurred. We couldn't retrieve the items to list here." when navigating views in their Access Web app on Office 365 (O365). The Access developers are aware of the problem, a fix has been made and is rolling out. Most tenants will be fixed this evening. A…


How to: Make external connections to an Access Web App

You may want to access the data stored in your Access Web app from other applications. An Access Web App stores its objects and data in a SQL Azure database for SharePoint Online instances or in a local SQL Server for SharePoint on-premise installations. In order to connect to the Access Web app data on…