Performance Series | EP7, Windows Memory Architecture. How IT Pros (SHOULD) Troubleshoot Slow PC's and Servers

[View:] Episode 7, Windows Memory Architecture. Performance Series.   In episode 7 we'll start talking about "Fake Memory" as I've been eluding to for several episodes. We cover the microkernel memory architecture of 32 and 64 bit operating systems, the Virtual Memory Manager, and why user mode processes sometimes crash when they exceed it. We…


Performance Series | EP6, Dude… Where's My RAM? How IT Pros (SHOULD) Troubleshoot Slow PC's and Servers

[View:] In episode 6 we'll finish off the RAM and Pagefile discussion, then move on to leaks of just RAM. We cover the differences between working set and private bytes counters in the process object. Then we crash our test box again by setting a process lose to go suck up all the Available Mbytes…


Performance Series | EP5, Tracking RAM and Page File Exhaustion: How IT Pros (SHOULD) Troubleshoot Slow PC's and Servers

[View:] Episode 5, Tracking RAM and Page File Exhaustion. Performance Series. In episode 5 we start the discussion of memory leaks. This is a topic that will span several issues. Memory can mean the virtual address space of a process or the kernel itself, or it could mean you ran out or RAM. Or, you…


Performance Series | Episode 4, Troubleshooting Disk Bottlenecks. Performance Series.

[View:] In episode 4 we cover the first of the actual counter sets used to identify problems, and the methodology to do so. Identifying a disk bottleneck involves more than just latency counters, it also includes ruling out whether your server or PC was actually the culprit. So what we will do in this episode…


Performance Series | EP3, Loading and Interpreting Counters: How IT Pros (SHOULD) Troubleshoot Slow PC's and Servers

[View:] Episode 3, Loading and Interpreting Counters. Performance Series. In episode 3 we finish up with the intro to perfmon, such as how to actually load the data collector sets we captured. We then cover some of the basics of interpreting the counters (scaling graphs, scaling counters, looking for patterns, and zooming into the problem).


Performance Series | EP1, The Basics: How IT Pros Troubleshoot Slow PC's and Servers (or, how they SHOULD)

[View:] Episode 1, The Basics. Performance Series. Why is your computer/PC/server slow? Well… I feel like computer and server performance troubleshooting still remains a mystery to not only the average Joe who is good at computers, but also IT professionals with years of field experience. There are a ton of misunderstood concepts. There are also…


No Dll or exported function was found to verify revocation

I'm writing this as much to myself as to everyone else, because this is the second time I've run across it at a customer site and then (because my memory doesn't seem to keep this one in cache) have to go hunt it down again. Anyway, you might get the error "No Dll or exported…


Let's Tech: Hyper-V Replica & Azure, Recent Updates

[View:] In this episode of Let's Tech I cover some of the recent changes to Azure and Hyper-V Replica integration. For instance, no more SCVMM requirements. This video covers mostly just the changes so if you want more details:This is the initial Azure video: this was the initial Replica introduction I did in my "What's…