Let’s Tech: Hyper-V Replica on 2012 R2 Beta

[View:https://youtu.be/UpLFAEYLs3E:0:0] In this episode of Let's Tech I cover some of the new features of Hyper-V Replica that changed when 2012 R2 went into Beta. This is an update to my previous Replica video (On DR) that I did in the What's New In Windows Server 2012 series. Enjoy!

Let’s Tech: Migrate DNS from Standard to AD Integrated

[View:https://youtu.be/d590UT7Pvqo:0:0] In this episode I'll show you how to take a Standard Primary-Secondary DNS Zone sitting on a non-DC and migrate it easily to a Domain Controller so you can make it AD Integrated.

Let’s Tech: Backing Up Windows 8

https://youtu.be/1B5_J31yycU In today’s episode we’ll cover (very quickly) how to run a Windows 8 backup the way you used to run backups in Windows 7.

Let’s Tech: AD LDS

https://youtu.be/i6tR6t20HO8 In today’s -Let’s Tech- I set up an LDS (Lightweight Directory Services, formerly ADAM or Active Directory Application Mode) instance and then do an import from AD into it. This was my first AD LDS in a long time and so it didn’t work at first and so we get to see some troubleshooting…


Let’s Tech: Server 2012 R2 Preview

https://youtu.be/V-vLEn9gXBI If you haven’t had a chance to pull down and look at the new Server 2012 Preview that released yesterday, well… here is quick look at it. I don’t go into any of the new Hyper-V stuff, just a 100-level glance at the new UI (and UX) changes and some other general roles-features and…..

What’s New in Windows Server 2012, Episode 17: HyperV (Part 2) Live Migration

https://youtu.be/SzvKSChIKKg This was going to be a quick demo of live migrations. Sadly I ran into demo failure – but this actually turned into a decent troubleshooting live migration video. During the troubleshooting I was additionally reminded of a handful of other new features of Hyper-V which I forgot to mention in the last video….

What’s New in Windows Server 2012, Episode 16: Hyper-V New Stuff (Part 1)

https://youtu.be/qlmhP0QC17M Sorry for the 30 day hiatus… In this episode I’ll cover some of the enhancements and new Features of Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012. This video ran a little longer than expected, but there are some pretty cool new things with Hyper-V and I wanted to touch on as many as possible. I’m going…