Add a custom or non-standard PowerShell module to Azure Functions

When you need to do a bit more than an Azure Logic App will let you or when there is a bit of custom code/actions that need to be taken this where do you go? That’s right, Azure Functions! Azure Functions allow quite a bit of flexibility and customization including a bunch of languages we…


Edit/Update an Azure Alert Rule: Part 1 = Using Azure PowerShell Cmdlets.

     Azure allows us to create Metric Alert Rules for a resource to trigger when something we want to know about happens like CPU being to high for a certain time, available memory dropping too low, or an Azure Function Starting (much more). We will not get much deeper that here about alert types…


Create your own VS Code PowerShell snippet in 3 steps!

Not that the documentation on VS Code for making snippets isn’t simple enough but some people love pictures and just want to get it done! So for those that asked me here you go, write your own VS Code PowerShell snippet in 3 easy steps!                    …


One small step to enhance PowerShell security using Constrained Endpoints.

  There are lots of debates on the innerwebs today about PowerShell being a malware tool or it bringing vulnerabilities to the environment and they are not wrong. “Wait what? Not wrong?!!” you say? Well… yes it can be and it does but, no more than any other like Python, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, C# and…


OneDrive SDK, OAuth, Client Authentication, in Consumer space with C# in a UWP application.

I set out on this example technically to get OneNote access which in turn requires OneDrive access as that is where OneNote documents live. I quickly found myself in a forest surrounded by old documentation and about 95% of it leads to using the deprecated Microsoft Live SDK. There are now OneDrive SDK’s for several platforms…


Netduino Servo Control in NETMF 4.2 / 4.3.x

So you been looking for some code that actually works with the Netduino 4.3.x & up to control a servo, well now you have found it. I credit most of the code here thanks to Chris Seto from back in 2010 posted on the Netduino forum and it worked great on the 4.0-4.1 framework! However, a lot has changed since then…


Azure Blob now has append!!!

So just a couple of weeks ago we introduced the new "Append Blob" into the mix in the Windows.AzureStorage .Net client library in version 5. If you read the MSDN page on it, it states the following: [ An append blob is comprised of blocks and is optimized for append operations. When you modify an append blob, blocks are added…


Properties and backing fields over public member variables.

As we start our journeys to understanding the basics of programming and development, one of the things we learn about are variables. A variable is simply the declaration of various data types that define and point to a storage area. We use variables in various places in our code, for reference, manipulation, and other operations. One of those places are in classes….