AGPM 4.0 SP3 Hotfix Package 1

  If you have been using AGPM SP3 since it’s release you might have run into the issue where AGPM could not generate Difference reports for controlled GPOs. A hotfix for this issue has been released during the holidays season.HotFix Package for Microsoft Advanced Group Policy Management 4.0 SP3 Once installed on the AGPM server…


Checking AGPM GPOs managed with powershell

Hi all, It's been a long time since I posted anything here. Basically life, baby and all that happened taking all of my free time. That doesn't mean I have stopped working with GPOs and Powershell. Recently a new version of AGPM has been released : AGPM 4.0 SP3: On top of now being…


AGPM Quick Configuration Script

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, but I’m back and I have a few things to share. Today it’s about AGPM (Advanced Group Policy Management). I’m a not going to get into details on how AGPM works, there are plenty of other blogs about the subject. I regularly go onsite to clients…


Group Policy Links Backup and Restore functions

Updated on 2/20/2014: restore-gplink function was updated to incorporate cases that were not included at first. =================================== Hi A few months back, I put together a function that allowed me to collect the GPLinks information on targeted OUs and sites. In the post it was also explained how you could run that function on an…


Group Policy processing events collection with Powershell

Updated: 02/05/2014  The script has been optimized thanks for my colleague Pierre Audonnet.You can also now export to csv and html format. ============================================================= When troubleshooting GPO processing we have a lot of tools available to us.Since Windows Vista, we especially have a new Event Log that register all events related to GPO processing. One "new" feature…


Get-GPlink function V1.3

Hi all As promised I return to you with an updated version of my function get-gplink.Here is the list of what is changed from version 1.0: New set of switches: -path: DN of the object you want to get the gplink information-site: Just to indicate that you are running the command against a site object….


DFSR-SYSVOL Authoritative / Non-Authoritative Restore Powershell Functions

Hi folks, For this new post we are going to talk about DFSR replication SYSVOL restore.You might be familiar with the following KB that explains the process of doing “D4/D2” like restore for SYSVOL when replicated over DFSR : Basically instead of having to configure registry keys like with FRS, you now need to…


Get-GpLink function and GpLink backup

Hi all, Who hasn’t been dreaming of a get-gplink cmdlet? How would it be so simple to run a command and get the list of GPOs links to a site, OU or domain DN? We could be doing so much with a simple “get-gplink”. I recently was at a client where I was performing remediation…