[English] ADFS Token-Signing and Token-Decrypt Certificates Expiration Process and Dates

[English] – Content Developed by the EMEA Cloud Identity Support Team. By default, Token-Signing and Token-Decrypting Certificates will expire one year after your ADFS was setup. Near to the expiration period you will get the following notification on your Portal Admin Page.This notification do not apply to SSL Certificate, also known as Service Communications Certificate….

[English] What do I have to do if I received the alert on the Office 365 portal or an E-mail informing that one of the federation services certificates is expiring

[English] – Content Developed by the Shared Services Support Team. This information is normally related to the Token-Signing and Token-Decrypting Certificates. To overcome the current situation, most of the times you do not need to do anything. By default, your ADFS server is configured for “AutoCertificateRollover”. This means that the new certificates will be automatically generated…