Microsoft brings together IT management and security for the hybrid cloud

As organizations adopt hybrid cloud models for IT, the challenges for operations management continue to increase. Among those challenges is the difficulty of securing these complex environments, which include resources on-premises as well as in hosted clouds, Azure or AWS. At the same time, the cost of breaches continues to rise – the average cost…


Microsoft targets new workloads and smaller enterprises with expanded StorSimple offerings

by Mike Neil, Corporate Vice President, Cloud + Enterprise Today’s enterprises are embracing digital transformation through the cloud, enabling them to be more agile and respond to business challenges more quickly. The cloud is helping to drive greater innovation throughout the enterprise and it can ultimately lead to new revenue streams and enhanced competitive advantage…


Check out the Hybrid Cloud Storage blog – Defying The Law of Data Gravity

Over on the Hybrid Cloud storage blog, there is a new post titled “Data Mobility: Defying The Law of Data Gravity With StorSimple”.  If you’re interested in storage solutions for hybrid cloud, then we encourage you to read this post by Tom Trainer – who also wrote the “Rethinking Enterprise Storage” series earlier this year.


Microsoft delivers new hybrid cloud management innovation

Customers today are embracing cloud at a rapid pace and many of them are turning to a hybrid cloud strategy. The journey to the cloud is unique for each customer as they choose the right mix of on-premises and cloud assets that works for them, which introduces complexity in IT management. Over the past few…


The Hybrid Approach: Enhance Your Datacenter for the Modern Era of Business

Today more data is being pushed through the modern datacenter than ever. All of that data, and the need to deliver it to an increasingly mobile work force, is putting a lot of pressure on IT. For a business looking to grow over the coming years as volumes of data erupt, building capacity to keep…


Cloud Infrastructure: How do you integrate the cloud into your datacenter?

The hybrid cloud is bringing agility and power to the enterprise, and Microsoft is leading the way with Microsoft Azure Stack and great new offerings across the on-premises datacenter and the cloud. See what’s coming and what’s already here in this hot Ignite session: Bring Azure to your Datacenter, featuring Mark Russinovich, Jeffrey Snover, and…


Microsoft Brings the Next Generation of Hybrid Cloud – Azure to Your Datacenter

Guest post by Mike Neil, General Manager for Windows Server, Microsoft This week I’m in Chicago at the Microsoft Ignite conference talking with customers from around the world who are transforming their companies and IT organizations using our services and solutions. These IT leaders are becoming more agile to respond to the needs of their…


Don’t Get “Boxed-In”: 5 Reasons Why You Can Bet on Microsoft’s Hybrid Cloud Platform

In a blog post last week, I claimed that Microsoft Azure has a more robust hybrid cloud platform than Amazon Web Services (AWS). This principle of platform consistency across clouds is a core tenet of Microsoft’s solution, because we find that each organization has a cloud roadmap that is right for its unique circumstances. Additionally,…


Rethinking Enterprise Storage

Recently, Microsoft published a book titled Rethinking Enterprise Storage – A Hybrid Cloud Model – a book that takes a close look at an innovative infrastructure storage architecture called hybrid cloud storage. Over the next several weeks on this blog, we will publish excerpts from each chapter of this book via a series of posts….


Learning from Cloud: 3 ways hybrid cloud can help your business today

Welcome to the latest installment of our blog series “Learning from Cloud”. In yesterday’s post, we covered the opportunity that hybrid cloud provides. Today we’d like to go into three specific ways that a truly hybrid solution can benefit your business processes, your employees, and your data storage costs. Nowadays it seems that every vendor…