Trust and the cloud: What are other IT pros thinking?

Security and privacy are two of the top concerns keeping ITDMs, Developers, Architects and BDMs awake at night. Whether your organization is steeped in cloud technologies or just getting started, there’s no doubt these issues have surfaced. Where does the larger IT pro community stand regarding these issues? Do these concerns accurately reflect the attitude of most IT pros?

Microsoft wants you to benefit from the transformative power of the cloud for businesses. But, we understand that we need to address common concerns whether real or perceived and earn your trust. A question we hear a lot is, “What are other companies’ concerns with the cloud, and what are they doing about it?”

To that end, we hired independent research firm Penn Schoen Berland to run a blind research survey with thousands of IT decision makers, developers and business decision makers. The survey was run in 13 very different countries to get a diverse perspective. These research results offer a unique opportunity to get an independent view into what matters most to those in IT dealing with issues very similar to yours. This information will help us better address these concerns within our own offerings.

What we learned might come as a surprise to you, but will provide some insight in to your peers around the world. To give you a little taste:

•    Enterprises trust what they can control more, and that is why it is so hard to move away from their on-premises solutions. However, some are looking towards the cloud to help them solve business challenges that are hard or expensive to manage in-house.
•    Past experience is often paramount when evaluating how trusted specific cloud providers are. How a provider responds to an issue for example significantly shapes overall perception.
•    Enterprises build trust with their vendors over time.

Watch our on-demand webcast with Tammy Kaneshige, Senior Vice President at market research firm Penn Schoen Berland and Mike Wickstrand, Sr. Director, Cloud and Enterprise Marketing at Microsoft. The webcast covers the high-level findings of this research, including:

•    What builds trust with a cloud service provider?
•    The cloud trust gap.
•    Other key elements that go in to evaluating trust.

We will present results segmented by audience, company size and cloud service provider, and discuss what we learned about what drives customer trust in the cloud. We hope this information will help you to make more informed decisions about your cloud services, regardless of who you choose as your primary provider.

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