Microsoft and Mesosphere partner to bring Mesos’ container orchestration to Windows Server

Many customers today run a mix of Windows Server and Linux workloads. With the evolution of container technologies on both Windows Server and Linux servers, there is even more opportunity to unify these two worlds, making it easier to build and deploy applications using the best technologies of each.

Later this morning, Ben Hindman will demonstrate how Microsoft and Mesosphere are partnering to bring the Windows Server ecosystem to the Mesos’ highly scalable and elastic container orchestration world by porting directly to Windows Server. While this is still a technical proof-of-concept, it opens possibilities by giving organizations a way to combine both Windows Server and Linux machines into a single pool of resources in their datacenter or cloud.

Mesos on Windows Server is an open source project and is part of the core Apache Mesos. While this is being developed by both Mesosphere and Microsoft, we’re inviting others in the community to join in the effort. The code will be freely available, making it easy to adopt by all users of Mesos as well as integrate with the Mesosphere DCOS, which is built atop Mesos. The latest version of Mesos on Windows Server is available in the Apache Mesos GitHub today.

Mesos is one of the most established and proven open source container orchestration technologies, used in very large scale production environments by several Fortune 500 companies. Furthering our commitment to choice and flexibility for our customers, we have already provided first-class support for Mesos, along with Docker Swarm/Compose, Deis, and many others, on our rapidly growing Microsoft Azure public cloud platform – and today’s announcement is just another step in that journey.

We will continue working with Mesosphere, as well as others in the open source community, to bring container innovation, speed and agility to millions of developers and organizations, regardless of the tools and platforms they use. Please be sure to check back for updates on our progress.

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