Cloud Infrastructure: How do you integrate the cloud into your datacenter?

The hybrid cloud is bringing agility and power to the enterprise, and Microsoft is leading the way with Microsoft Azure Stack and great new offerings across the on-premises datacenter and the cloud. See what's coming and what's already here in this hot Ignite session: Bring Azure to your Datacenter, featuring Mark Russinovich, Jeffrey Snover, and Jeremy Winter.

This "broad strokes" video gives you a strategic overview of the shifts these Microsoft leaders see in the cloud landscape and why they’ve chosen to do what they’ve done with these solutions. The speakers also discuss in detail how to manage the transition to the hybrid cloud, and how to do it on your own terms.

When you watch the video, you’ll probably want to go deeper on some of the topics these smart guys cover. Good news: Many, many 2015 Microsoft Ignite conference sessions (with details and demos) are available to view online, on your schedule, right here. Enjoy!

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