Announcing New Ignite Session: Jeffrey Snover, Mark Russinovich & Jeremy Winter to Present “Platform Vision & Strategy Overview: Bringing Azure to Your Datacenter”

Guest post by Jeffrey Snover, Distinguished Engineer & Lead Architect, Windows Server and System Center, Microsoft

As I talk to customers, I consistently hear a common theme – they need to accelerate their use of technology to drive business value.  They need to go farther faster.  And, they are all looking to the cloud as the way to accomplish this. The goal is simple but their experience shows that achieving it can be challenging.  The cloud represents a new way of doing things and there are lots of lessons to learn.  A mentor once told me that, “Some people believe that ‘a wise man learns from his experiences’ but they’re wrong – ‘a wise man learns from the experiences of others!’”. 

Microsoft has some of the world’s smartest people working on some of the world’s hardest problems, delivering a global-scale, heterogeneous public cloud.  The Windows Server and Azure teams work closely together to design infrastructure, built on the Windows Server platform, that is hardened and optimized to run massive, hyperscale services like Azure, Bing and Office 365. Today, we are continuing to work together to bring that know-how into your datacenter.   We are taking lessons and design points learned in building and running global cloud services, and using them to harden and optimize our infrastructure offerings, as well as simplify cloud management. All this is done with the goal of empowering customers to play the role of the wise men that benefit from the experiences of others.

To deliver this vision, we brought together top minds across the company to build and deliver a consistent, cross-platform cloud experience. I am thrilled to announce that Mark Russinovich (CTO, Azure, Microsoft), Jeremy Winter (Principal Group Manager, System Center & Services), and I are teaming up at Ignite to give you a firsthand view of our work – and I think you are going to like it. Our session, “Platform Vision & Strategy Overview: Bringing Azure to Your Datacenter,” showcases how we are evolving our datacenter platform to help you enable hybrid approaches and new models for application delivery to drive business transformation.

Register today to join us for this session at Ignite!

-Jeffrey Snover

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  1. RyanTech Kevin says:

    Looming forward to it

  2. RyanTech Kevin says:

    Looming forward to it

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