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Microsoft has extended its Cloud OS Network to 100+ service providers delivering cloud services from over 600 local datacenters combined with Azure enabled scenarios.  

If you’re like most organizations worldwide, you’re probably considering or have succeeded in incorporating the cloud into your infrastructure. The challenge is finding the right service provider to partner with to deliver the cloud solution that can best address your company’s specific needs. With our Cloud OS vision and the Cloud OS Network, Microsoft can deliver the vision and path to a comprehensive cloud platform catered to fit your individual business model.   

While many software vendors claim to have such capabilities, the truth is they lack either a strong on-premises offering (a private cloud) or a global public cloud. With Microsoft however, you choose your cloud roadmap. Microsoft supports you with a consistent hybrid cloud platform to easily move workloads between environments without change.  

What is the Cloud OS Network? 

Microsoft has the largest Service Provider ecosystem with 2,500+ partners in the Gold Hosting Competency and a vibrant Service Provider community of more than 20K+ infrastructure hosting partners.  

The Microsoft Cloud OS Network is a group of leading service providers that partner closely with Microsoft to offer you hybrid cloud solutions. Combining expertise in Microsoft technology, customer requirements, and geographic specialization, Microsoft Cloud OS Network partners deliver Private Clouds, Service Provider clouds and Microsoft Azure - customized to your specific needs. Microsoft works closely with network members to enable best-practice solutions for hybrid cloud deployments including connections to the Microsoft Azure global cloud. The combination of partners and Microsoft delivers a reliable solution that is flexible and easy to maintain.  

Since launching in December 2013, the Cloud OS Network has undergone more than 4x partner growth. Current network footprint includes 100+ partners with presence in 100+ countries. This represents serving more than 3.7 million customers daily through 600+ local datacenters. 

Expedite your move to the cloud with a comprehensive end-to-end hybrid cloud platform 

Many companies fear hybrid cloud solutions due to their complexity, rigidity, security, and cost. With the Microsoft Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, you gain the flexibility and choice to customize a solution built to your specific business needs.  

Cloud OS Network partner help you choose your cloud roadmap—staying on your private cloud while trying the benefits of the service provider cloud or the Microsoft Azure public cloud. The comprehensive end-to-end hybrid cloud platform offers a powerful, scalable, and reliable solution to support your mission-critical and data intensive workloads without requiring the purchase of additional add-ons.  

A great example is ITELLA, the Finnish Post & Logistics Company. They transformed their IT through our Cloud OS Network Partner TIETO, combining Office 365, Windows Azure and a private hosted Cloud with single sign-on and self-service capabilities.

Access a vast network of local specialists  

Localization is a large concern for many companies due to compliance requirements and data sovereignty. Microsoft Cloud OS Network partners offer local expertise and support as base of success for your hybrid cloud deployment. These partners deliver a level of customer intimacy that is difficult to attain on a global scale. Backed by Microsoft's $15 billion investment in global datacenter infrastructure, the Cloud OS Network gives you the flexibility to address your security and data sovereignty needs. Plus with Microsoft Azure, you move as much or little as you want into the cloud. 

Ramy Nahum, CEO from our partner Triple C expresses this the following way: "Having a link to Microsoft Azure gives our customers more flexibility and scale coupled with the benefits of a local cloud provider…and it's very easy, with all services in their local language."  

Reduce risk by taking advantage of Microsoft-supported, hybrid cloud expertise  

A major differentiator with the Microsoft Cloud OS Network is that it gives you peace of mind knowing that network members partner closely with Microsoft to reduce the risk of deploying a hybrid cloud solution. To date more than 1,000 Microsoft resources have gotten involved with Cloud OS programs and Microsoft has invested more than $300 million in these programs. 

What does that mean to your business? Instead of focusing on finding a dependable service provider, the Microsoft Cloud OS Network frees you to devote your energy and resources to selecting a hybrid cloud solution that best fits your organization’s individual needs. The end result is a unique knowledge base and access to materials such as on-boarding and technical support as well as education to help during the transition. Such a level of expertise also helps to minimize the time of service tickets and ensure business continuity by utilizing knowledge sources with detailed understanding of your Microsoft solution. 

As trusted local advisors, these partners not only lend their technological and local expertise but also provide other added services to simplify business infrastructures and increase the quality of any chosen solution. By helping to ensure a high degree of technical consistency with other environments using technologies such as on-premises datacenters and Microsoft Azure, they provide you with the most choice, flexibility, and availability.  

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