Azure Site Recovery Update – Recovery in Azure now Generally Available

When launched in January, Azure Site Recovery enabled customers to replicate and recover virtual machines between two of their own sites.  In June, we began a preview of a new capability to replicate to – and recover in – Azure.  Now, just a few months later, we’re concluding that preview and making the capability generally available.

IT is changing to take the cloud into account, and disaster recovery (DR) is a natural area to take advantage of cloud capabilities.  You can avoid the expense and complexity of building and managing your own secondary site for DR.  Replicate running virtual machines to Azure, instead, and recover there when needed.

A few months ago, Microsoft acquired InMage, and as we continue to integrate our DR technologies that software’s support for non-virtualized physical servers and heterogeneous hypervisors is also available as a deployment model of Azure Site Recovery.

Whichever configuration or deployment model you choose, Azure Site Recovery provides automated protection, continuous health monitoring, and orchestrated recovery for your applications.  Recovery plans can even be tested whenever you like without disrupting the services at your primary location.  If you haven’t yet tried Azure Site Recovery, it’s easy to sign up for Free one month trial of Azure to get started.

Visit the Site Recovery web page to learn more

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