Success with Hybrid Cloud webinar series

Later this month, we’ll be running the second episode in our webinar series “Success with Hybrid Cloud.” The series features Microsoft Technical Fellow Mark Russinovich and Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson talking about how enterprises can successfully adopt and use a hybrid cloud IT model.  In this webinar series you’ll learn more about what the expanding availability of cloud-based resources means for your IT strategy.  You will also learn how Microsoft is driving innovation that empowers customers to extend their infrastructure to the cloud.  If you have questions about what hybrid really means, come join us for Episode Two, airing June 23 at 10:30 am PDT.  Live Q&A with Brad and Mark will follow the webcast. 

In Hybrid Cloud Series – Episode One, Mark and Brad  covered the basics of hybrid cloud: what it is and why it’s important. Get the background you need to understand what “Hybrid” means today!

In Episode Two, Mark and Brad will be discussing how hybrid options are changing the way companies approach their IT infrastructure. Last month at TechEd, Microsoft announced a number of new ways that customers can take advantage of hybrid.  During Brad Anderson’s keynote, he talked to customers about how cloud is now integral to every aspect of infrastructure strategy.  In networking, Express Route lets you connect directly from your datacenter to Microsoft Azure, without using the public internet.  Microsoft Azure Site Recovery lets you use the cloud for disaster recovery and back up.  Advances in Microsoft Azure Active Directory are making it easier than ever before to take advantage of hybrid identity.  Brad and Mark will talk about all of these new capabilities, along with how to work through the security issues that can make cloud challenging.

Across the board, new cloud-based capabilities have created new opportunities.  Hear from Brad and Mark how you can start to make the most of these new functionalities – and how other organizations are already experiencing the benefits of hybrid. 

Register for Hybrid Cloud Series – Episode Two here to learn how you can make hybrid options a part of your toolkit.

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