BYOD Poets Have So Much to Say, to Wit…

The BYO-Poetry Contest is over, but the fun isn’t! Until then, please enjoy these poems from our runners-up. Congratulations, winners and honorable mentions, and thanks again to everyone who entered!

Michael McBride

technology grows with the tide
each year the waves get higher
as do the risks of danger released
by the unwatched tech toy buyer

a seeming innocent swimming fish
can turn out to have sharp teeth
swimming with many in your pond
hiding in the crowd just beneath

breeding, spreading, growing terror
as you do your best to contain
and identify the hiding beast
to restore, fix and avoid blame

How do you prevent this issue
and carefully walk the narrow path,
of excellent security and service
and avoid your bosses wrath?

treat technology as a population it is
and innoculate to prevent infection,
be able to monitor local and from afar
keeping your files under constant inspection

And explain the true cost of BYOD
keeping your company secure as a king,
is not the cost of the licenses and software
but repairing the damage of doing nothing.

Jason Schlueter

Access Passage

I’ve tried to encourage good practice
and control the method of access.
But the users prevailed
and proved that I failed
at realizing all of their assets.
Implementation of AD and Intune
caused upper-management to swoon.
I did quickly excel
and the users as well.
Now I’m sitting on a beach in Cancun.


Arshad Uddin

BYOD is the future, and that's where we all are heading
No more legacy boxes, All the space now needs shredding
Laptops give way to tablets and the phones are getting smarter
No more security breaches and you need no shackles or halter

system center suite and intune puts your curiosity to a rest
Microsoft solutions are a class apart and are the absolute best
user demands and business needs are growing like jack's beanstalk
Legacy days are gone and productivity is achieved while you walk

Too many group policies and firewall rules are put into effect
Let the S/W testing team focus only finding a product defect
IT is simplified and things are very easier than before
No more  walking to helpdesk and now you need a de-tour

Cut down the electricity costs and move things to the cloud
Pay only for what you use,that makes your investors proud
Iphone, macbook, surface ,ipad air or even the nexus is used
Everything is controlled and no room for anything to be abused


Rob Taylor

Policies enforced
Communication secured
Geeks can rest easy


John Nunn

The New System Blues

Starting my day with a big cup of joe
(full of chocolate and whip cream but no one will know)
Boxes are spread all over the floor
Stacked in the corners and outside the door

Ignoring the manager, man what a jerk
I picked up my screw driver and started to work
I'll get it done by five, what did I stutter
Oh no not again, where the heck's the box cutter

Got the case all setup and the motherboard in
With an IDE cable I look for the bin
There's a SATA cable somewhere in the pale
I need a couple of those and a hard drive rail.

The power supply may not be enough
And the install CD looks a bit rough The manager and I are in a bit of a spat
Now he says he wants RAID with that

Ok fine, I've got the extra drives in
There are some days when you just can't win
I'll get it done by five, don't get your shorts in a bunch
Looks like another day I'll go without lunch

The blue screen of death, now what the hell
My stomachs in knots, I'm not feeling well
Time for TechNet to trace down the error
The firmware is bad, my mind fills with terror

3rd party drivers are hard to find
With five o'clock looming there's a lot on my mind
After multiple downloads on a USB drive
I get the login, the systems alive!

I made the deadline but just by a hair
The apps are installed not a minute to spare
Such a long day and I ask myself why
Why not next time use VDI


Henry Vandermeir

'Twas the night before the meeting
and everyone was tweeting,

Our computers and software were working just swell
when all of a sudden it all went to hell!

The Sharepoint server was refusing to share,
and Virtual environments were coming up bare.

We froze in our tracks and let out a big groan,
when heard our main server sing that high pitched tone,

This was a disaster to the utmost degree,
this really wasn't the way it should be!

Our clients were coming the very next day,
and hopes of a contract were fading away.

So we rushed to the store and bought a new drive,
and plugged it in hoping everything would jive.

We were rushing it through but we took the risk,
now where the heck is that install disc?

It seemed like forever for the computer to boot,
and when we saw the first screen we let out a hoot!

We got passed the bios and the Windows logo,
and soon saw the install and told it to go,

Yes, we want to repair our computer,
onward and forward to the troubleshooter!

Recover an image, that's what we need,
time is wasting, go ahead and proceed.

After what seemed an eternity, we were told to restart,
boy, this sure isn’t for the faint of heart!

We pointed and clicked and held our breath,
"Would the server boot up or had it met its death?"

The computer restarted and soon showed the main screen.
We entered the password and saw a familiar scene.

The services were running and the tasks were complete,
thank goodness for Windows and its recovery feat.

The lesson to learn from this miserable plight,
is to listen to Microsoft - for they are right.

Always run your backup before you leave at night!

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