BYO-Poetry Contest Winners Announced!

Results are in! We received dozens of inspired and amusing poems from the BYOD trenches. After much caffeine-fueled consideration, two winning poems came out on top for their creativity, spirit, and relevance. Here they are for your BYO-tainment:

Brandi Daloyan

Everyone’s down with BYOD, saves mucho money, time is more free.
Tom, Dick, and Harry have new Windows phones, Jane has a Surface that she brings from home.
No user training, they all know their stuff - and can work from outside when the weather’s not rough!
Everyone’s happy, they don’t feel tied down; they’re doing their jobs from all around town!
But what about our data?  Is this really secure?!  What type of problems would we have to endure?
We talked with the experts, double-checked the facts, found out that Microsoft was leading the pack.
End to end security from a trusted source; what more could we want for our mobile workforce?
So now this little office with a small, funky staff is able to work smart without shelling out cash.
Clients are happy, increased info flow, employees feel empowered and we’re on track to grow!!!

John Hysell

To BYOD, or not to BYOD -- that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
the installs and upgrades of a multitude of devices
or to take up arms against a sea of vendors
And by opposing them, to upgrade, to install no more
--and by an upgrade to say we end the risk of
virus and malware, and the thousand natural shocks
that the silicon is heir to.  'Tis a consumption
devoutly to be wished. To upgrade, to install--
To modernize -- perchance to improve: ay. there's the rub,
For in that improvement what dreams of new malware may come
when we have shuffled off the old hardware we know,
must give us pause. There's the respect of the
device that gave us such long life.

Congratulations, Brandi and John! We hope you’ll enjoy your new Xbox 360 + Kinect. And thank you to all who participated. Watch our Facebook and Twitter channels for a little extra BYOD fun in the weeks to come.

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  1. Linku Pradhan says:

    I want to also participate .

  2. Linku Pradhan says:

    I want to also participate .

  3. Linku Pradhan says:

    I want to also participate .

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    Pretty quere?

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    Pretty quere?

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    Pretty quere?

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