Server-Cloud Launches! Behind the Scenes with Amber Kinney

Amber Kinney

Delivering relevant, timely and accurate information on Microsoft products isn’t an easy chore.  Many people work long and hard to make the Microsoft online experience a compelling one for Developers, IT Pros, Architects, Managers, etc.  We have been working hard to improve the experience at in order to provide excellent information on the Microsoft Cloud OS vision.

Microsoft Senior Marketing Manager, Amber Kinney, is one of the folks here at Microsoft that has worked tirelessly to bring the area at to life.  This site just hit another design and content milestone so we wanted to bring it to your attention.  We also sat down with Amber to ask a couple of questions about the project.  Here are the questions and the answers from that session:

Question: What’s the project you’ve been working on?

Answer: On 9.15 we launched a website which includes 18 solution pages, a “Why Cloud OS” page, a user-friendly customer evidence experience and audience pages. A primary focus for this launch has been on redesigning the UX to improve the user experience, deliver great, innovative content and increase engagement.  We are also excited to announce that the site is now adaptive/responsive. This means that the site has been designed for an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with limited resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices such as mobile phones, tablets and PCs.  

Another highlight is a set of cross-product solution pages that align to the most commonly searched for industry terms, optimized for SEO. Our goal is to ensure that our customers understand how these solutions tie to Microsoft Products such as Windows Server, SQL Server and Windows Azure.

Question: What audience is the information targeted at?

Answer: The target audience for the site is IT Professionals, Business and Technical Decision Makers. There is also an audience pivot in the top navigation designed to easily route Small and Medium Businesses, Developers, Partners and Service Providers/Hosters to their respective pages.

Question: What’s next after this milestone?

Answer: Because this release is part of a multi-phased project to revamp the Server-Cloud website, we are working to scale the site globally and launch in 27 markets over the next couple months.

We hope you find the information at interesting and useful.  As always, you’ll find detailed product and development information at and Be sure to let us know how we’re doing and if there is something you need that we aren’t providing.  

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