Is Paul Maritz Endorsing Microsoft’s Approach to the Cloud?

Well, he is ex-Microsoft, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that Maritz’s thoughts run alongside ours. Nevertheless, when he points to “web giants” who “have the ability to store and process large amounts of data” and “know how to deploy and operate software atop of an underlying giant computer they call the cloud,” and says that bringing this expertise to the enterprise is his goal – well, that sounds awfully familiar to us.

It’s exactly what we have been doing.  You can read Satya Nadella’s blog on what we call the Cloud OS. We’ve not just been talking about Big Data, but we’ve been delivering on it, too.  And it doesn’t end there - we have taken everything we’ve learned from running the datacenters and services for Hotmail, Xbox Live, and Bing at global scale and we’ve applied that to Windows Azure and Windows Server 2012 to help bring our enterprise customers into the era of the cloud.  Learn more about what we’re doing – but more to the point, learn more about what you can do, today, with the cloud solutions from Microsoft.

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