Path to the Private Cloud Contest Update: Not too late to win an Xbox Bundle!

Contest update:
This week we kicked off the “Microsoft Path to the Private Cloud” Contest, read official rules.  As of the time of this post, we still have not received a winning entry and have two remaining Xbox Kinect bundles to give away.  However, there seems to be some confusion about how to enter the contest that we want to clear up.  In order to send us a Twitter message (direct tweet), you must first "follow us" at the Twitter handle below.  If you do not follow us before sending your message it will not come through.  In fact, we highly recommend you read the contest rules prior to entering to prevent any confusion.
A brief reminder on how the contest works:
We posted three (3) questions related to Microsoft’s virtualization, system management and private cloud offerings on Monday (8/30) and three more yesterday (8/31).  All six (6) questions are listed below for your reference. You’ll be able to find the answers on the sites.  Once you have the answers, send us single Twitter message (direct tweet) with the three answers to the 8/30 contest and another single Twitter message with the three answers for the 8/31 contest.  This will give you two chances to win. Messages must be sent to the @MSServerCloud Twitter handle and don't forget to "follow us" first before sending the message.  The person that sends us the first Twitter message with all three correct answers in it will win an Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Game Console bundle for the given day.  Once we have winners we will post a blog announcing the winners and listing the correct answers.

Here's a run down of the 3 questions from Day 1 (8/30):

Q: Provide the name of the 3 vendors whose hypervisors System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 manages?

Q: Microsoft’s Private Cloud solution is built on Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V and System Center.  True or False?

Q: How many OLTP transactions per second did SQL Server 2008 R2 scale to on a single Hyper-V server when tested by Enterprise Strategy Group?

Here's a run down of the 3 questions from Day 2 (8/31):
Q: Which Microsoft offering provides deep visibility into the health, performance and availability of your datacenter, private cloud and public cloud environments (such as Windows Azure) – across applications, operating systems, hypervisors and even hardware – through a single, familiar and easy to use interface?
Q:  What is the name of the Microsoft program which provides an infrastructure as a service private cloud with a pre-validated configuration from server partners through the combination of Microsoft software; consolidated guidance; validated configurations from OEM partners for compute; network; and storage; and value-added software components?

Q: How many mailboxes did Exchange Server 2010 scale to on a single physical server, across four Hyper-V VMs, when tested by Enterprise Strategy Group?


Good luck and don't forget to follow us first on Twitter before Twitter messaging us your answers!

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