Microsoft Translator adds Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian

Microsoft's free machine translation system–Microsoft Translator–has been expanded to include Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian. This brings the number of supported languages to 50. Serbian is supported in both the Latin and Cyrillic script. The new languages are available to use from the Microsoft Translator web site at, directly in Windows 8 and 8.1 through the…


Video: App Localization Made Easy with Multilingual App Tookit

A couple of weeks ago, I announced the new Terminology API that allows you to tap into the terminology and phrases from the Microsoft Language Portal and provide this translation data to your users through your own app or web site.  The first adopter of the API is the Multilingual App Toolkit, which combines machine translation…


Microsoft Local Language Program celebrates International Mother Language Day

February 21 is UNESCO’s International Mother Language Day 2013, which aims to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. This is also an occasion for us to highlight the contributions of the Microsoft Local Language Program (LLP), which provides people access to technology in their native language.  The Microsoft LLP includes a number of special features,…


Bing Translator app now released for Windows Phone 8

One of the most fun apps for Windows Phone is now available for Windows Phone 8 users. The Bing Translator app lets you simply point your camera at text in a foreign language – whether it’s a road sign, poster, restaurant menu, or whatever – and the text gets translated in real time. For example,…


Machine Translation for Hmong added to Bing Translator

The Microsoft Translator MT system has added Hmong to the list of supported languages, bringing the number of languages available to 38. The work of adding Hmong was the result of collaboration between members of the Hmong community to help create an MT engine. Read more on the Microsoft Translator Team blog.


Microsoft Translator adds new features for collaborative translations

Microsoft Translator – Microsoft’s Machine Translation system – has released a number of new features. The new functionality announced yesterday expands the “Collaborative Translations Framework” (CTF) which allows any web master/owner to machine translate their site and then invite a community of users to improve (basically post-edit) the MT output to produce a fully translated…


New Microsoft Translator apps for Windows Phone 7 and ipad

The Microsoft Translator team blog has an interesting post about a couple of new machine translation apps for Windows Phone 7 and ipad. Both are powered by Microsoft’s online MT system, Microsoft Translator, and leverage the Microsoft Translator APIs. Read more about the two featured instant translation apps, Polyglot and Kywix Babilia HD, on the …


WikiBhasha: Microsoft Research tool for translating Wikipedia pages

Microsoft Research has just launched a beta version of “WikiBhasha” – a new tool that helps users create multilingual content on Wikipedia. What’s interesting is that you don’t have to be a subject matter expert to contribute, and you don’t even have to be familiar with the Wikipedia format. WikiBhasha beta currently works from English…


New on Microsoft Translator: Indonesian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese

The team behind Microsoft’s Machine Translation engine Microsoft Translator has just added 3 new languages to the system: Indonesian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese. That brings the number of languages supported to 35. Read the full story on the Microsoft Translator team blog.  


Microsoft Translator adds collaborative translation feature

Today, at the MIX 2010 conference, the Microsoft Research team behind Microsoft Translator announced the “Collaborative Translations Framework”, bringing collaboration features to machine translation.   It allows webmasters that need to provide their content in multiple languages to get every page machine translated on-the-fly, and now also enables these webmasters to invite a user community…