Making Musikk at the Norwegian Windows 8 Launch

Funny Microsoft Norway video from the Windows 8 launch:  From Rob Margel’s Windows blog. And if you are wondering what the Norwegian word Musikk is called in US Windows 8, you can find user interface translations in over 57 languages on the Microsoft Language Portal.    


Localizing Windows Phone apps: New terminology and Style Guides posted

Another 15 localization style guides for developing international Windows Phone apps have just been made available by the Windows Phone team. Style guides provide instructions to help ensure that your app speaks to the user in the same tone, style and level of formality as Windows Phone itself. For example, should you say please or…


Video: Why we localize software for Norwegian Nynorsk

Norwegian is not just Norwegian.  There’s two of them: Norwegian Bokmål (literally: “book language”) is used in writing in 85-90% of Norway, but Norwegian Nynorsk (“New Norwegian”) has equal status as a written language.   Why is it important to have software in Norwegian Nynorsk?   Check this video from the Microsoft Local Language Program to…


Terms under the spotlight

This page is a compilation of the “terms of the month” featured in the Microsoft Language Portal. It includes the following terms: BreadcrumbCookieNudgeRibbonTag cloudTapWizard   Breadcrumb The term breadcrumb navigation was coined in reference to the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale, by analogy to the trail of breadcrumbs that the children left in the forest…