XLIFF 2.0 Object Model is now Open Source on GitHub

Today we are pleased to announce that the Microsoft XLIFF 2.0 Object Model has been published on GitHub! The source code is now available in the following repo: https://github.com/Microsoft/XLIFF2-Object-Model.

The XLIFF 2.0 Object Model is a .NET library that can be used to build localization tools, platforms and systems, based on the newest open localization standard - XLIFF 2.0.

The value of adopting XLIFF 2.0 is clear for tool makers and organizations. They can benefit from having one format to interchange all of their localization data with partners, avoiding tedious and expensive work to funnel data between incompatible systems.

By releasing the Object Model as open source, the cost required for developers to support XLIFF 2.0 is significantly reduced. The library includes support for all the Core elements of XLIFF 2.0, in addition to all the module elements in the standard, including:

  • Core Elements (xliff, file, group, etc)
  • Change Tracking Module
  • Format Style Module
  • Glossary Module
  • Metadata Module
  • Resource Data Module
  • Size and Length Restriction Module
  • Translation Candidates Module
  • Validation Module

Microsoft has been a long-time supporter of the XLIFF 2.0 localization standard and was an active participant during its development. We are strong advocates for the adoption of XLIFF 2.0 and look forward to a greater proliferation of the standard across the industry.

For more information or questions about the XLIFF 2.0 Object Model, contact Kevin O’Donnell at kevinod@microsoft.com.

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