Office 2013 now available in another 9 languages

You can now use Office 2013 in another 9 languages. The “Language Interface Packs” on the list below have just released and can be installed as free downloads on top of an existing version of Office 2013 (in any language).

For Belarusian, K’iche’, Kinyarwanda, Scottish Gaelic, and Tajik, this is the first time a localized version of Office is available in these languages.

To learn more about what’s new for language support in Office 2013, have a look at this post from the Office Next blog.

Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    @ akerbeltzalba

    Thanks, this is a good suggestion. I have forwarded it to the Office team and they will investigate if they can find the resources to work on the installer and improve the user experience.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yay, finally. Only one small gripe. Asking people to pre-select between 64 and 86 is not that helpful, most people have no idea. Surely you could make a small installer app that you download and that checks your system, then grabs the right one and also puts the downloaded language at the top in the Office settings. Why would I install a langpack and then not want to use it 😉

  3. Anonymous says:

    @Charlotte Sanford

    You can actually edit in multiple languages, you just select a text (a sentence or a paragraph) and in the Ribbon, set the proofing language to be English, then you select another part of your text and set the proofing to be French. You should be able to repeat for multiple paragraphs. The information is retained so when you edit your text the proofing will be done according to the proofing language selected for that paragraph. You can find more info at…/turn-on-automatic-language-options-HA010354274.aspx.

  4. Charlotte Sanford says:

    I love all the new language options. I wish I could use editing functions in two languages simultasnously, as I produce documents partially in English and partially in German. Thanks.

  5. Andrei Sh says:

    Love to finally see the Office in Belarusian!

  6. val says:

    Thank you Microsoft for Belarusian translation!

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