Windows 8 now available in Cherokee

Windows 8 became available in Cherokee this week. In the making for over 3 years, the Cherokee Language Interface Pack for Windows 8 was built in collaboration with the Cherokee Nation Language Team. The work also involved creating a completely new font for Windows 8, Gadugi, a Cherokee word which roughly translates to “working together".

The release is part of the Microsoft Local Language Program, which will eventually bring 109 languages to Windows 8.

Head over to the Local Language Program site to see a list of the languages available for Windows and Office, and what's coming to Windows 8 and Office 2013. 



Comments (2)

  1. Robert says:

    Interesting! I'd love to see how the language works. I can't help but wonder tho' – how does translating for such a small community calculate? Public Relations costs?

  2. adam says:

    Robert, the Cherokee Nation is doing most of the work as far as offering translations and what not. Microsoft just implements in to the programs. One of Cherokee Nation's main goal is keeping their language alive as there are not a lot of people left that are fluent in it. I'd like to see them implement the Cherokee language in to Google Translate.

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