Bing Translator app now released for Windows Phone 8

One of the most fun apps for Windows Phone is now available for Windows Phone 8 users.

The Bing Translator app lets you simply point your camera at text in a foreign language - whether it's a road sign, poster, restaurant menu, or whatever - and the text gets translated in real time.

For example, you are in a restaurant in France (or your local French restaurant who don't translate their menu), but your French is a bit rusty. You are not quite sure what Filet de poulet à la mangue actually is?

Simply point your phone at the menu and it immediately translates it to Filet of chicken with mango. You can now go ahead and order confidently! 

Before: I'm not really sure if any of this means snails?


After: Hurrah, no snails!

Read the full announcement on the Microsoft Translator blog.


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