Windows Phone 8 announced today: will support 50 languages

Windows Phone 8 was announced today. One snippet of news that's interesting for an international audience: it will expand the number of languages from currently 25 languages in Windows Phone 7.5 to 50 in Windows 8, including Arabic, Farsi and Turkish.

In addition, the Windows Phone store for downloading apps and games, Marketplace, will expand to support downloads in over 180 countries.

Read more about today's announcement on the Windows Phone blog

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If there is Georgian (ka-ge) language support?

    Where can I get complete list of languages available in WP8?

    Thank you

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is the ordering logic of that list? It does not seem to be by number of votes, otherwise the suggestion for allowing third party entry methods for example…/3135233-3rd-party-input-method-it-is-a-big-deal- should be on page 2 or 3 but it goes up and down in terms of votes, I don't understand the system

  3. Anonymous says:

    @Davit, @rati_ge, @kikva

    Unfortunately, Windows Phone 8 doesn't yet support neither Georgian UI nor input 🙁

    However, the Windows Phone Suggestion box at is the place where you can suggest new language support and vote for feature requests. Already a few suggestions and votes for Georgian in the suggestion box.

  4. thanks about this post i'm really happy today really happy.

    i'm Persian (farsi) speaker.

  5. Jürgen Winter says:

    I have only one question. Will it support VPN Connections?

    Until it does, for me, it is completely useless as a business phone.

    Iam still using a 6.5 phone because l2tp connections are no problem with it.

  6. ali says:

    Thanks but,

    can I have arabic language pack on my Windows Phone 7.8?

  7. engalmutairi says:

    thanks alot for support arabic

    i love windows

  8. Chayin says:

    will it include Thai (TH-th) ?

  9. Alim Ahat says:

    Windows 8 supports Uyghur (ug-CN) now, when WP8 support of Uygur language? thanks.

  10. Ultan says:

    Will it support Irish?

  11. Eoin Ó Riain says:

    Irish (Gaeilge) and Welsh?

  12. ehsan abgoon says:

    thanks for persian.

  13. llk says:

    It's always a good when OS can support multi-languages.

    My biggest problem with phone other than iPhone (I am currently not using an iPhone)

    is that I cannot type in other languages, unless you download other apps.

    but the other apps just doesn't work as well.

    So my question is: Does windows 8 phone support multi keyboard languages?

    ex: Thai, Japanese, Chinese, English?

  14. Alim Ahat says:

    Will it support Uyghur (ug-CN) language?

  15. ryan says:

    What about Amazigh language ?

  16. uyghurbeg says:

    good news…

    so i want to ask the same question as Mr Alim, Does Windows Phone 8 include Uyghur(ug-CN) language?

  17. ice says:

    What about Thai language?

  18. oj says:

    A scandinavian also asking for Thai language support. Tried to promote WP in Thailand with my Lumia 800 in June, but to my suprise i saw there was no option for Thai!!?? WTF! A country with 60+ million inhabitants ignored. I see iPhones and Galaxies everywhere here now in Oct..

  19. Rati_ge says:

    Arman I am also interested if WP8 will natively support Georgian language and input keyboard as well

  20. kikva says:

    +1 regarding Georgian language

  21. Jyothsnakiran says:

    Hi..iam from india….please add our regional languages such as telugu, tamil ,bengali, kannada etc….we love to see our languages in our smartphones…

  22. Rupert S says:

    Are we able to change language of UI like many OSes on many phones or language is not possible to change? How to do this?

  23. Davit says:

    Is there Georgian (ka-ge) support in Window phone 8?? Please respond

  24. WindowsPhone7.8 says:

    What about Windows Phone 7.8

  25. Thoks says:

    window phone can support Tibetan language?

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