Do you speak Bangla, Belarusian, Hausa, Igbo, Kurdish, Punjabi or Tigrinya?

If you speak one of these languages, we are looking for feedback on the key Windows 8 terminology.  

The Terminology Feedback Program gives you an opportunity to comment on these terms as they will appear in the next version of Windows. The lists include translations that are already used in Windows 7 as well as new terminology for Windows 8. Some of the trickier terms include charms, apps, and thumb keyboard.

To give feedback, click your language here:

Is the terminology used:

• Appealing?
• Easy to understand?
• Technically correct?

We believe so, but on occasion we receive feedback that our terminology differs from the terminology already established by communities that use our products. This may occur, for example, as a language evolves over time.

The forums will remain open for feedback until 2 May.

Thanks in advance for participating!

Comments (2)
  1. Akan? says:

    Can we haz Akan (Ghana) support too ?

  2. Hikmat Nomat says:

    Yeah, I am Kurdish and can speak & write my native language. Please let me know if I can help you!


    H. Nomat

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