Help us translate “sideload” and “semantic zoom” for the Windows 8 Developer glossary

Do you have suggestions on how to translate sideload or semantic zoom in Chinese? Spanish? Japanese? Or any of the languages below?

Why not join the community and help refine the Windows 8 Developer glossary for your language!

Your input is invaluable especially for some of the trickier terms including “flyout”, “raw input thread”, “touch injection”, “multi-touch emulation”, “manipulation chaining” and many more.

We are looking for feedback in the following languages:

It just takes a few simple steps to get started.

  1. Click your language above, sign in with your Windows Live account and follow the simple one-off forum registration (no code needed).
  2. Click the Glossary link and from there you will see the list of English source terms and our preliminary suggestions to help you along.
  3. Then it’s just a case of, for each term, deciding if you like the suggestions provided by the Community by selecting Suggest a Translation or Vote.

The forums will remain open for feedback from February 9th to February 22nd. Don’t forget to come back and vote for the latest suggestions before the forum closes OR click About this forum if you want to see the activity from others in the Community.

We hope taking part will be a valuable experience for you and help make the international versions of Windows 8 relevant and clear for all languages.

Thanks in advance for participating!

Comments (12)

  1. Fitoschido says:

    Yeah, why not?

  2. johnson says:

    Yes, i totally agree with Oleg! I'm aghast to think that a multi-billion dollar company wants us to do this for free. Get outta here!!!

  3. Jesus says:

    How about hiring a professional translation agency?

  4. Monica says:

    For those new terms, I think it's a great idea to get everyone's translation feedback.  Sometime, a professional translation company may not be able to find a good translation. I will do it for free.

  5. Marie-Louise says:

    I would be happy to help. Just let me know where to send my invoice. Alternatively, I would accept payment in kind in the form of a free copy of Windows 8 or development time.

  6. kuharcek says:


    @Monica: And why wouldn't a professional translation agency find a proper translation? Especially if they specialize in software translation!

    You can't expect an open-source community like behavior  for commercial products.

  7. Bob Denard says:

    Let me guess. Same process as Ubuntu or this kind of OS… That means Windows 8 is going free and open source? Great.

  8. Professional localizer says:

    Yeah, sure. Let me think…

    Oh, I got the answer and also an invoice to send.

  9. Maria K says:

    If a person knows the translation of sideload and semantic zoom, he deserves to be paid. But I'm in a good mood today, so here is the translation in Spanish: sideload translates to "sosundescarado" and "semantic zoom" would be "yonotrabajogratis paraquevostehagasrico". I also know this in Greek if you're interested.

  10. Juan Miguel says:

    Welcome to the 21st century slavery system: You work for free, we give you no credit, we make zillions…

  11. Nevermind says:

    What is this stuff? Are you really expecting us, the users to translate your software for free when you in turn will charge us for using it?

    Who would be so retarded to do something like that?

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