Office 2010 now available in 7 Indian languages

The Office localization team has been hard at work on churning out Indian “Language Interface Packs (LIP)” in the last few weeks. A LIP is a translated user interface that installs on top of a copy of Microsoft Office 2010, and can be downloaded and installed for free. Here’s a roundup of the latest Indian releases:

Hindi is already available as a fully localized language and Gujarati, Konkani, Sinhala and Marathi are coming soon to the LIP lineup. Check the full list of released and upcoming languages on the Office LIP download page. All these language are also available for Windows 7 and can be downloaded from the Windows 7 Language page.

And if you are a Visual Studio 2010 developer and native speaker of Hindi, Malayalam or Odia, check out the Captions Language Interface Pack for Visual Studio 2010 which enables you to see the translations as tooltips in the Visual Studio user interface.

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