Scottish Gaelic CLIP language tool available for free download

The Office localization team has released the Scottish Gaelic “Captions Language Interface Pack” (CLIP). It is available for download here.

A Captions Language Interface Pack is a simple language translation solution that uses tooltip captions to display translations.  You can use CLIP as a language aid to see translations of menus and buttons in your own language, or you can use it as a learning tool. When you hover your mouse over a menu or command, a tooltip displays the translation in the local language. You can also add your own translation for user interface items:

Microsoft Captions Language Interface Pack - Scottish Gaelic.

It's designed for users who use the English version, but want to see the most common user interface in their own language as well.

A little background information on the Scottish Gaelic language (Wikipedia)

The Scottish Gaelic CLIP is the result of the close collaboration between Microsoft and The European Language Initiative (TELI). TELI is the language consultancy branch of the European Association of Local Government Chief Executives / Union des Dirigeants Territoriaux de l'Europe (UDiTE), and works directly with an Bord na Gadhlig (the Scottish language board).

Comments (4)

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is pretty cool but, with all respect, is it not missing the target a little?

    The way I understand it, the purpose of a CLIP is to help people who don't understand the UI language very well (English in this case) and occasionally need a translation into their primary language (which would be Gaelic in this case). But in this particular language pair, practically no such people exist. I don't think there is anybody anywhere who speaks Gaelic better than English. And there certainly isn't anybody who feels more comfortable using the computer through Gaelic than English. If anything, the opposite is the true: people who might be willing to use the computer through Gaelic (perhaps using a LIP) will need an occasional recourse to an English translation.

    The same is true for a lot of other minority languages in Europe: Irish, Welsh, Sorbian, what have you. Normally, people have higher literacy skills in the majority language and don't need need any help with it. It's the minority language they need help with.

    Okay, rant over. It *is* a cool piece of language technology, no matter what. And for all I know, this may simply be a step towards releasing a proper LIP for Gaelic in the future.

  2. Anonymous says:

    @ An Dearbhair

    We are aware of the existing Scots Gaelic speller and are in contact with those who created it to help them create a version which works with Office 2013.

  3. Trish MacNeil says:

    "It's designed for users who use the English version, but want to see the most common user interface in their own language as well."

    I use the English language…but I want to see the Gaelic version as well.  I think it serves the purpose.

  4. An Dearbhair says:

    Bigger problem is that we don't have Scottish Gaelic spell-checker to work with MS Office 2010 and MS Office 2013.   The original one done by TELI worked beautifully with 2003 and I got it to work with 2007.   This should really have been supplied at the same time, or even prioritised over that, as it is much more useful day-to-day.  An dòchas gu bheil sibh ag èisteachd, Microsoft!  

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