Windows 7 now available in Turkmen

The Turkmen Language Interface Pack for Windows 7 released today and is now available for free download:

Please note that the Turkmen Windows 7 LIP can only be installed on a system that runs either a Russian or English client version of Windows 7 SP1


  • Turkmen is the national language of Turkmenistan. It is spoken by approximately 3 million people in Turkmenistan, approximately 380,000 in northwestern Afghanistan and 500,000 in northeastern Iran.
  • Turkmen only started to appear in writing at the beginning of the 20th century, when it was written in the Arabic script. Between 1928 and 1940 it was written in the Latin alphabet, and from 1940 in Cyrillic. Since Turkmenistan declared independence in 1991, Turkmen has been written in a version of the Latin alphabet based on Turkish.
  • Like other Turkic languages, Turkmen is characterized by vowel harmony. In general, words of native origin consist either entirely of front vowels (inçe çekimli sesler) or entirely of back vowels (ýogyn çekimli sesler). Prefixes and suffixes reflect this harmony, taking different forms depending on the word to which they are attached.

More information about the Turkmen language (Wikipedia)

The Windows 7 LIPs are produced as part of Microsoft’s Local Language Program.

Comments (4)

  1. bayram han turkmen says:

    well it is a bit late for writing comment on this post… but thx for turkmen language interface anyway…

    it was really needed…

  2. j.b says:

    Thank you for all your efforts, indeed it was necessary.

  3. m@x says:

    thanx… i really waited to see how it looks like…. Windows 7 in turkmen

  4. Bazyar says:

    thanks a lot . it was very good.

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