Office 2010 now available in Malay (Malaysia)

The Office 2010 Language Interface Pack for Malay (Malaysia) is now available for free download!

A Language Interface Pack allows you to change the user interface in the following Office 2010 applications: Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. The pack includes a spell checker and is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit.


Number of speakers20-30 million

Name in the language itself: “Bahasa Melayu”or “???? ?????”

The Malay Language (ISO 639-1 code: MS) is officially known as “Bahasa Malaysia” or “Bahasa Melayu”. The Malay language is spoken in many countries and is estimated to be spoken by between 20-30 million people throughout the world. The Malay language is spoken in several countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, East Timor, and southern parts of Thailand and the Philippines. It has also been known to be spoken in some parts of central eastern Sumatra and parts of the Riau Islands and also Borneo.

More information on the Malay language (Wikipedia)



Comments (2)

  1. cl says:

    Microsoft should really rethink the Malay word for 'default', which is currently 'lalai', which also means 'careless'. Sadly, this was coined as such by the governing body for the Malay language, Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka, which has of late been under heavy criticism for not taking the Malay language to the next level. I suggest we use 'tersedia' (if adjective) or 'sediaan' (as noun), based on the word 'persediaan' (set-up or preparation), but for contexts like 'default software', as in 'default browser', we use 'utama' (main).

  2. AHMAD says:

    1) I've installed 'Malay (Malaysia)' Tools incl. 'ProofingTools' but could not use them, as 'MS7' spell checker/proofing tools keeps reverting to 'English (Malaysia), which I didn't choose, which in fact I've deleted but it returns to haunt me! is something
    the matter with your FREE DOWNLOAD?! HOW DO I MAKE IT WORKS?!
    2) When I set 'Malay (Malaysia)' as my default language, it converted my PC in 'Malay (Malaysia!'), which I don't want it too!
    3. Please help!
    Thank you!

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