Office 2010 now available in Icelandic!

The Office 2010 Language Interface Pack for Icelandic is now available for free download!

A Language Interface Pack allows you to change the user interface in the following Office 2010 applications: Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word. The pack includes a spell checker.


  • Derived from Old Norse - the language spoke by the first settlers on the island in the 9th century - Icelandic has changed very little since the 13th century, probably due to its geographic isolation and a very strong literary tradition.
  • “Geyser” is the most prominent loanword that English borrowed from Icelandic. Meaning ”hot spring”, it’s a fitting word for a language spoken on an island with major geothermic activity.
  • The few English loanwords in Icelandic stem from the US and British occupation during World War II. For example, jeppi (jeep), kók (Coca-Cola) and partí (party) all became adopted in spoken Icelandic.
  • Icelandic is written in a Latin script with 32 characters. The Roman alphabet was introduced to Iceland together with Christianity around the year 1000.

More information about Icelandic (Wikipedia)

For info on other Icelandic products, visit the Microsoft Iceland website:


Comments (6)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Helgi,

    A great place to ask questions and get answers from the community and Microsoft support staff is Microsoft Answers at…/default.aspx. I browsed the forums and there are a number of questions about the spell checker that may solve the problem.

    To test, I did change the interface to Icelandic in  Word and Excel and pressed F7 for the spell check. Seemed to come up OK for me with the Icelandic speller.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Helgi, The Icelandic speller is actually included in this Language Interface Pack. If you have installed the Language Interface Pack, you can set the proofing language to Icelandic (for example in Word), by selecting the Review (Yfirfara) menu, then choose "Language" (Tungumál) in the Language (Tungumál ) group, then Set proofing language (Velja Tungumál fyrir villuleit), and you'll see Icelandic as one of the available proofing languages.  

  3. Helgi Björgvinsson says:

    That's just great but apparently there's no Icelandic spell check yet. Luckily I've got Lotus Notes to do my spell checking but come on Microsoft – you've been pushing O2K10 in Iceland for quite a while, urging people to upgrade and this fancy smancy package can't even spell check!


  4. Helgi Björgvinsson says:

    Hi Palle – thanks for the help but something's missing my end. I've two languages installed, English (U.K.) and Icelandic. When I go to Review–>Language–>Language Preferences, I see under the "Choose Editing Language" these two languages listed but under "Proofing (spelling, grammar…)" only English (U.K.) is checked; not Icelandic.

    Furthermore, when I try switching to Icelandic interface (I prefer to use English interface but Icelandic spelling) Word won't start and Excel crashes when I press F7 (it tries to do an Icelandic spell check and crashes). Can you confirm this works your end? Do you know where best to get support for this issue?



  5. Helgi Björgvinsson says:

    Thanks for your assistance Palle I'll try the answers site – and stand corrected on my initial post 😉

  6. Páll Baldursson says:


    The answer to your problem could be the following:

    Make sure you are installing the LIP according to your Office 2010 version.  If the version is 32 bit, then get the 32bit LIP, if the version is 64bit then get the 64bit LIP.  Do not follow the Windows 7 setup.  A 32 bit Office 2010 can be installed onto a 64bit Windows 7 system.

    Hope this helps someone 🙂

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